How to use sharles?

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How to use sharles?

Charles is the http proxy software. It passes all requests that come to the browser from sites through themselves and allows you to control them. All these values ​​that are transmitted, you will be able to edit.

Before you learn how to use charles, you need to download the Firefox browser and install, as well as the Charles proxy itself, you can download the free version, it will be enough.

After installing and running in Firefox, in the Tools> Charels> Enable Charels menu, you will see in the window how various actions will take place, this will transfer data from the computer to the Internet servers.

Charles Web Debugging Proxy - HTTP proxy / HTTP monitor / Reverse Proxy, which allows you to monitor HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet. This includes requests, responses, and HTTP headers that contain cookies and a cache.

How to use the charles program:


Run .Exe setup, change nothing, click “next” and Charles is installed on your computer. Then it is advisable to put Crack so that the program does not remind you of registration. The file of the crack must be thrown into the Charles / lib folder with a replacement.

Charles works with the Mozilla Firefox browser.In advance, you need to install a plugin for this browser so that Charles can control all requests.

Work with the program

  • In Charles, to start or stop recording traffic, you need to click the Start / Stop Recording button, which is located on the toolbar of the program itself (white circle with a dot).
  • To edit the desired request in the Charles program, you must right-click on the line, for example, gateway.php and select Edit. After you have made the necessary changes, click the Execute button below, and your request will be sent to the server.
  • If you want Charles to intercept requests from the server you need, right-click on the server folder in your list and select Breakpoints from the menu. Further in the toolbar of the program, click on the red hexagon Enable / Disable Breakpoints. Then Charles will stop any incoming or outgoing request associated with the required server. You can edit your requests and send immediately with the button Execute.
  • If in Charles there is no connection with the server, the folder with gotevey is not visible, check whether or not you have added the server to the ignore. It is necessary in the Proxy-Recording Settings to check if there is a server there in Ignore Hosts. If there is, then delete it with the Remove button.A normal reinstallation will fail and the server will also be ignored.

Problems with the program Charles:

  • If you do not have Mozilla Firefox, you can work with Charles through Opera, but you only need to configure it: Tools-General Settings-Advanced-Network-Proxy Servers folder. Check the HTTP and HTTPS checkboxes and enter IP: and port: 8888. Click OK.
  • If you do not have Mozilla Firefox, you can also work with the program through Google Chrome. You need to configure: in the upper left corner of your monitor, click on the key> Options> Change proxy server settings, enter the Connections tab. Configure, insert a tick to use a proxy server and address:, port: 8888. Click Ok.

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