How to use sea buckthorn hair oil?

All girls strive for perfection. To do this, they are painted, make hairstyles and adjust the figure. Not everyone can grow beautiful long hair, keeping them healthy and strong. And this is not surprising, because the daily use of a hairdryer and ploek rapidly destroys the structure. Many experts recommend sea buckthorn hair oil as a means to prevent negative consequences. However, this product does not enjoy due popularity, because people know little about its beneficial properties.

Sea buckthorn oil is a real find!

sea ​​buckthorn hair oil

This berry is rich in various vitamins and microelements. The oil, which is obtained from it, is actively used in cosmetology: it is added to masks, shampoos and balms. Indeed, it helps to cope with almost every problem, therefore it is suitable for all types of hair. The active components of the oil heal the damage that exists on the scalp, promote cell regeneration. Moreover, they kill harmful bacteria, which prevents baldness.If you regularly use sea buckthorn oil for hair, you can not only restore their structure, but also get rid of dandruff, stop loss. And rubbing into the skin with light massage movements relieves pain and possible irritation. Thus you can get a smooth and silky hair without resorting to professional care.

Sea buckthorn oil: hair application

sea ​​buckthorn hair growth oil

In order to increase efficiency, the product should be heated in a water bath to room temperature before use. Just do not overdo it, otherwise you risk getting burned! It can be combined with other types of oils, added to store masks or used as a separate tool. Do not be afraid to experiment and try different variations. The tool can be applied to the roots, and the entire length of the hair, depending on the degree of damage and the desired result. After application, it is better to cover the head with a cling film; this will also help enhance the effect. It is necessary to walk with such a mask for about an hour, once a week to leave for the whole night. The curls dried up after application of the hair dryer will help moisten the sea buckthorn hair oil.At home, it is recommended to make a mask based on the decoction of burdock root and the aforementioned oil. You can also add a few drops of any ether, for example, laurel, lavender, citrus.

Sea buckthorn hair growth oil

sea ​​buckthorn oil hair application

Many girls dream of long hair, but they fail to achieve the desired due to certain reasons, such as fragility or simply slow growth. But this can be fought, it is enough to make a little effort. A mask based on sea buckthorn oil, Dimexide and pepper tincture will help solve the problem. We add dimexide to the base ingredient, as it opens the pores, and it is easier for useful substances to penetrate to the bulbs. However, you need to respect the proportions, the amount of the drug should be no more than 25% of the total mass. A pepper tincture is enough a few drops, it will increase blood flow to the scalp. You need to walk with such a mask for half an hour, but it can take even longer. If you feel a strong burning sensation, you should immediately wash off the mask with shampoo to avoid burns.

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