How to twist the hoop?

It would seem that nothing difficult is to twista hoop at the waist, no. But if you turn to practice, it turns out that not everyone knows how to properly twist the hoop, and some do not know how to do it. Hoop or hula-hoop is a very simple, but quite effective simulator for correcting the figure.

The effect of using a hoop

In addition to the fact that hula-hoop is used as a sports projectile for weight loss, it gives a number of positive results for the whole body, which for some reason do not pay attention.

First, the hoop develops and strengthens the work of the vestibular apparatus, develops such a physical quality as flexibility, normalizes the coordination of movements.

Secondly, daily classes with hula-hoop stabilize the work of the intestine.

Thirdly, the hoop strengthens and trains the most diverse sections of the muscles of the hands, the press, the back, the shoulders and the legs.

Currently, there is great diversityvarious hoops: simple, weighted, folding, with a massage effect and even a calorie counter. Before you learn how to twist the hoop, you should determine its appearance. We recommend starting with an ordinary aluminum hoop, with which our mothers and grandmothers were engaged.

Training in the technique of rotation of the hoop

Many girls who want to get rid of excesscalories, they know about the effectiveness of using the hoop, but they can not even hold it for a minute at their waist. Others twist the hoop confidently, but then suffer from bruises and bruises. Neither one nor the other just know how to twist the hoop. For them, there are a number of tips.

Accept the starting position. The legs should be put together. By no means aside, as many newcomers do, who try to keep their hula-hoop on themselves with their legs apart. When the legs are spread widely, the waist muscles relax and do not get the right load. Work should be carried out only by the waist region, all other parts of the body remain almost immobile.

Take the hoop in your hands and give it a rotationalmovement in the waist, while simultaneously starting to make smooth movements and the waist itself. They should not be sharp and jerky, it will "throw off" your hoop.

Do not need to rotate back and forth, the movement should be directed in one direction, for example, clockwise. Then the direction will need to be changed.

Remember that the smaller the amplitudethe stronger the effect will be. If you watch the video, how to twist the hoop, you will see that professionals rotate it quite intensively with little or no movement.

In order to avoid bruises that will make the body ugly and interfere with further exercises due to painful sensations, make sure that the hoop is kept strictly at the waist and does not fall on the hips.

It is best to deal with the hoop for a hungrystomach. Well, if before that you will do a small breathing exercises that will release your stomach and intestines from excess air and allow the muscles to work at full strength.

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