How to train cats at home

No one will be surprised by a dog that performs commands and tricks, but a trained cat will delight others. Despite the widespread belief that cats can not be trained, they can be taught to teams. And for this it is not necessary to be a specialist. It is enough to follow certain rules and proven methods.

Cat training is real

Specialists who study cats claim that these animals memorize about fifty human phrases. That's just not always able to associate them with the desired action. Therefore, the question whether you can train a cat, you need to safely say "Yes."

how to train cats

Studying teams is nothing more than sticking a phrase familiar or new to a cat to its action. Everyone is able to become Kuklachev and teach his furry friend amazing tricks.

What are cats capable of

These amazing animals can memorize and execute up to ten commands, and the most capable even more.Any home Murzik can learn a set of standard commands ("Sit", "To me", "Give me paw"). Often there are cats that surprise with their innate abilities. With very little effort, they can become real circus performers.

How old to start training

Until six months, to explain something to a cat will be useless and without result. But since six months, the kitten is growing up and more serious about its actions. But do not delay with this process, it will be much more difficult to teach a year-old cat to execute commands. There are no special instructions on how to train cats, this is a rather individual process. Seven or eight months is the age at which the cat will be serious about your words.

Stubborn animals

Cats are quite capricious and stubborn animals. Execute commands that they do not like, they will not even for the most delicious delicacy. Also, cats will not perceive the words of a stranger, that is, only the owner can train.

how to train a domestic cat

Before starting classes, it is important to determine the nature and preferences of the cat. It turns out that she chooses the teams she will study.You do not need to force the animal to do what he does not like, it will be without result. Therefore, how to train a domestic cat is individual, and there are no strict rules in this process.


Perhaps this is the easiest of all existing teams. How to train cats in the Sit team is like dog training. You need to put the cat in front of you and wait for her to sit down. At this point, you need to say the word "sit" and treat you with a treat.

how to train a cat at home

If she herself does not sit down, it is enough to slightly push the cat on the backside, sitting her down, repeat the word "sit" and give a treat. Repeat this every day until the animal learns to sit on the team itself.

"To me"

How to train a cat at home, so that she executed the command "Ko me"? As easy as pie! Almost all cats respond to the voice of their owner, this is already good. At the moment when the cat is on its own, you need to say the team and praise. You can do this during feeding, when the animal comes to smell the food. Shortly after constant repetitions, the cat will learn to come to the owner on command.

"Give paw"

Funny team, which can surprise guests and amuse the children. In order to avoid problems, how to train cats for the “Give a paw” team, you need to learn the “Sit” command. When the cat has sat down, you need to take the front foot in your hand and repeat the command, then give it a snack. This process should not last more than five minutes, because the animal may become tired or start to be distracted. It is necessary to control the intonation with which the command is pronounced, it must be calm and strict.


In order for the cat to start “die” on command, it is enough to lay it on its side and hold it in that position for several seconds. In this case, do not forget to say the command and praise. Soon the cat will connect your words and actions that require it, and will independently fall to the side. It’s very funny to use a finger to portray this command. To keep the cat in such a position as long as possible, you can increase the number of treats.


If a domestic cat has a tendency to wear different objects in its teeth, then it will be easy to teach it to this team. Cats love to watch people and even try to imitate something.That's just this method and you can teach your pet to bring toys. First you need to choose your favorite toy or object that will interest the animal, then, no matter how funny it sounds, show the cat what to do.

is it possible to train a cat

Get up on all fours, throw the toy and bring it in the teeth of the cat. However absurd it may look, this method works. How to train cats in this way is quite productive.

Jumping with obstacles

If a furry pet constantly jumps from a chair to a table or searches for places higher, it can be trained to jump through a hoop. For the first training will need two chairs, a hoop and treats.

Put the cat on one chair, place the second one at a short distance and pour a treat on it (let the cat get used to jump without a hoop), gradually moving away the chairs, and then start to hold the hoop before jumping. The cat will rejoice at the snacks, and the owner of his skill.

The main thing is patience

From the above written it can be concluded that to train a cat is enough to be patient. Do not count on quick results, it all depends on the nature of the animal.

trained cats for a holiday

But the result is worth it, trick cats have never been ignored. Trained cats for the holiday will be an unforgettable presentation, will bring a lot of positive emotions. Every owner can be proud of his furry friend.

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