How to tie crochet socks?

Beginners knitters very often begin withsimple things. Is it possible to include socks in this category? A controversial issue. Well, okay, in order to connect the socks with a crochet, for beginners, I will give a detailed description, since the scheme may seem tricky.

We knit socks

We are guided by the size 38-39. You will need: a yarn made from natural cotton of white color, hook №3. You can ask in the store to pick up something like that.

Now let's start knitting the toe. The thread is wrapped around the finger and we enclose 8 st. b / n. Tighten the hole. We are tying in a spiral according to the basic pattern. Make sure that the grip of the hinges is behind the rear walls. Do the following:

  • In the 1 st row, we sew 2 stems into each loop. Get 16 tbsp.
  • In the second row we knit 3 items, in the next loop we embed 2 tbsp. so repeat, until you get 20 tbsp.
  • In the third row we knit 4 items, then we embed 2 tbsp. in one loop. So until there will be 24 st.
  • In the 4th row - 2 items, we knit in the next loop at the same time 2 items, it will be already 32 st.
  • In the 5-th row - 3 items, in 1 loop we connect 2 items, thus, it turns out 40 st.

Next, tie 10 rows, without adding. Then at the edges of the toe, we increase the number of loops as follows:

  • 2 tbsp. we sew in one loop of the previous row, 19 tbsp. we tie it in a column of the bottom row one to one. Again 2 tbsp. in one loop, 19 tbsp. Check up, it should turn out 42 st. Now we knit the pattern into a column, but in each row we perform the addition. Additions are performed 3 more times, so that we get 48 st.
  • Trying on a toe on your leg, you will understand whether to make more additions or not.
  • Then we knit exactly about 16-17 cm. Everything depends on the length of the foot to the heel.
  • Now it was the turn of the heel. Divide the canvas into 2 parts along the side edges. We now apply the eyelets of the part that relates to the foot (24 points). To do this, turn the work and knit 24 st., Again unfold the work. At the beginning of each row, leave 1 st. uncontrollable. So it turns out 12 tbsp. Corrugate 1 row, after which, again add at the beginning of the series of 1 p. So we knit until again there are 24 loops again.
  • After that we knit on all the stitches along the pattern of 5 rows in a circle. Do not forget to grab the hinges behind the back walls.

Solemn moment - we cut the thread and fix ither. Sew the heel on the sides. Well, congratulations! Your toes, so to speak, are ready for use! In any case, now you know how to tie socks crocheted. You can also connect socks in various other ways. The scheme is here. We really hope that our article helped you to understand the issue of knitting socks.

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