How to tie a loop?

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How to tie a loop?

If you want to master the knitting and crochet techniques perfectly, you need to know exactly how different types of loops are knitted. Below we describe how to tie the loops that are most often found in schemes, crochet and knitting.

How to knit loops knitting needles

Air loop is the basis of knitting any thing. Therefore, you should know how to properly knit it and knit, and crochet. The main thing is that the process itself is easy and fast.

How to tie an air loop with knitting needles

So, in the right hand we place one needle and the end of the thread. At the same time, the thread itself is hooked with the thumb of the left hand counterclockwise. We make a needle with a point in the direction of ourselves and we hook its thread. Then we drop the resulting loop and tighten it. That's it, the first air loop is ready, all the other loops are knitted in the same way.

In addition to the air loop, very often when knitting with needles, facial loops are also used.

How to tie a facial loop

Facial loops can be of two types:

  1. Knitted for the front wall.In this case, the right knitting needle, from left to right, is inserted into the loop on the left needle, seizes the thread and draws it through the loop.
  2. Knitted for the back wall. In this case, the right knitting needle is driven from right to left, grab the thread located on the index finger of the left hand, and pull it into the loop.

Of course, this is not all types of loops used when knitting with needles. For example, there are also crossed loops, but how to knit them is described in detail in our article- How to knit crossed loops.

How to crochet loops

Many newcomers to knitting believe that crochet can only knit an air loop, and the knitting itself is built entirely on poles of various kinds. This is not entirely true; you can crochet air and elongated loops with a hook. And how exactly, we will tell below.

Crochet air loop

First, we knit the initial loop. To do this, throw a thread on the index finger of the left hand, let the hook under the thread and turn it 360 degrees.Crochet loopGrab the thread lying on the finger and pull it through the loop. The initial thread is ready.

Now knit air loop. To do this, we hook the hook with the initial loop under the working thread, pick it up with a hook and pull it out into the initial loop. Everything, the air loop is knitted.The remaining air loops fit in the same way, only each new loop is knitted into the previous air loop.

How can I crochet an elongated loop

We enter the hook into the loop base, put the working thread over the finger, grab the working thread under the finger with a hook and draw it through the loop base. Next, knit the remaining loops on the hook one by one. The thread can be thrown not only on a finger, but also on a ruler or a pen, it all depends on the final size of the stretched loop.

Now that you know how to knit basic loops with knitting needles and crochet, you can safely proceed directly to knitting.

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