How to take clenbuterol?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
October 23, 2014
How to take clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol is no longer a completely harmless sports nutrition, but a drug that is considered a doping, as it causes an unnatural burst of energy and has a certain anabolic effect. However, this is one of the most controversial drugs in bodybuilding, which many experts consider "pure", but despite the existence of such opinions, "maple" is prohibited in all official championships. Bodybuilders use it during the "drying" period to burn off excess mass and more clearly mark relief.

Clenbuterol course

Like many other drugs, clenbuterol is addictive in the body, so taking it for more than two weeks without additional pharmacological agents does not make sense. The daily intake of the drug is:

  • 80-100 mcg - women;
  • 120 mcg - men.

The following instructions describe how to take clenbuterol with minimal harm to the body:

  1. Phase of loading: from 1 to 6 days we gradually increase the intake of tablets (20 µg) from 1 to 6.The daily dose is divided into two stages of administration: in the morning and in the afternoon;
  2. On the 6th day we reach the dosage limit (120 µg) and up to the 12th day, inclusive, we take 6 tablets per day;
  3. We smoothly “get off” from the drug, taking 4 tablets on the 13th day, and two on the 14th day;
  4. This is followed by a two-week break and a repetition of the course, if necessary.

Side effects

This drug has negative properties, namely:

  • cardiopalmus;
  • body tremor;
  • nausea;
  • excessive sweating;
  • diarrhea;
  • convulsions.

As a rule, trembling and arrhythmia are clearly manifested in the overwhelming number of people taking "maple". Seizures can also be attributed to the frequent occurrence, as many, despite the prescriptions and instructions, allow an overdose of the drug. To reduce the negative effects of clenbuterol, it is recommended to take ketotifen with it, which will not only reduce or eliminate side effects, but also increase the duration of the course.

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