How to stop falling in love?

How can you describe love? Mad, bright, changeable. ... About love we say: eternal, all-consuming, pure ... So, love and love are different concepts. Being in love is fine, but not when it happens too often. How to stop falling in love if it interferes with living? To fix the situation will require work on yourself.

Work on yourself

First of all, you need to take a piece of paper and write in a column the names of everyone you were in love with. Then, next to each name, fill in the cells of the two columns. In one - the positive, in the other - the negative qualities of the "former".

Now we describe the characteristics of your "ideal partner." Write down in order all the positive features that he absolutely must possess.

Now we put bright red pluses opposite the qualities of your "former", which coincide with the characteristics of the "ideal". You will be surprised how few coincidences will be found! This proves once again that you did not need this relationship at all. It is also a good idea to analyze how many positive and negative emotions you have had with these people.

Conscious choice

Now, having already conducted a kind of statistical research, and having understood for myself what the relations with “not those” partners are leading to, one can begin to start a relationship deliberately and consciously. Try to communicate with the person as long as possible before falling in love. It is necessary to take a closer look and choose from the crowd of fans exactly the one who is most like a portrait of your “ideal partner”.

It is important to realize that if you understand how to stop falling in love with those who are not worthy of it, you can find true love that will warm you all your life.

How to stop falling in love: tips

What if you decided long ago for yourself: “I don't want to fall in love with men / women with such a temper!”, But do you feel that this is happening, despite the dictates of reason? If you know for sure that this relationship will end badly for you? How not to fall in love, if you are like a moth, you can not resist the call of nature?

  1. Write down what exactly the negative side is in your current elect? What negative consequences in a potential relationship can they cause? Will it endless tantrums and showdown? Or the jealous rage will find a way outin a battering?
  2. Repeat, like mantras, again and again all the most terrible scenarios for you. All that you understand about him / her when you feel that you are about to fall under the influence of her / his spell.
  3. Now that you are sure that with his / her help your life will turn into a complete nightmare, hint to her / him that this relationship is not for you.
  4. Find an occupation that will be able to distract you from obsessive thoughts about this person.
  5. Do not neglect the help of friends, if you want to call the object of desire, call a friend. If this is a true friend, let him comfort, listen, distract.

You do not need to be a leading psychologist to understand: if you decide to avoid meeting with him / her, even in your thoughts, it will not be easy to fulfill. Inside you will constantly be a struggle, while you are constrained by desire. Again and again, speak through all the negative points that you have noted for yourself and their possible consequences. Do not give up, take your destiny in them!

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