How to stand cancer?

The pose “cancer” is also “knee-ulnar”, it is also “dog-like”, it is also “man behind”, it is also “lioness”. Comparison of the position for having sex with a lioness came from ancient Greece. In China, this position is called the “kingdom wedding”, and glamorous young people use the English phrase “dog-style”, that is, doggy style, for the pose of “cancer”.

This posture for sexual pleasures is the most ancient, most natural, most widespread and most beloved by most women, if the partner does not fail.

What is this pose - "cancer"

In order to take a “cancer” position, a partner needs to kneel and lean her elbows on the plane that the couple has chosen to have sex. The partner enters the woman from behind, either kneeling behind her or standing on her feet, if the levels of location of the partners are not the same. For example, if a woman took the “cancer” position on a narrow couch or chair, then a man would rather stand on the floor, adjusting her height to a woman and bending her knees.

The position of "cancer" can be applied by a couple and without the use of a bed or sofa.In this case, the woman simply tilts the body forward to enable the man to penetrate into it from behind. For a more stable position in the implementation of frictions, a woman can lean her hands on a wall, railing or the corner of a massive cabinet. If the growth of partners does not coincide (usually a woman is lower than a man and he has to bend her knees), then a woman can give pleasure to herself and a man by standing on high heels. This one looks insanely sexy.

How to stand cancer

Here everything is purely individual. You can stand "cancer", resting his hands, and you can elbows. You can slightly spread your legs, but you can combine them completely. You can rest your head on the head of the bed or on the pillows, if you need to muffle a sweet moan, and sometimes a voluptuous cry. And it is possible for a partner to straighten up altogether in order to dig into the lips of a partner in a passionate kiss, turning the body backwards. This is how it goes - the main thing is that sex be from the heart. Correctly or not, tell the physiology of the partners and their physical fitness.

Where did this name of the pose come from - “cancer”?

Version 1

“He crawled on his knees,” that is, on his hands and knees, or “on four bones.”So they say about a person who is not able to move on his feet. The Russian word "Paws" in Ukrainian sounds like "crustaceans". From here it went: “get up crustaceans”, “get up cancer”.

Version 2.

The “cancer” position enables a man to control a woman’s body by clasping her arms around her waist, thighs, chest or buttocks, putting her partner on her penis. And a woman can sit down herself, leaning towards the partner's movements, as if backing back, as the cancer moves - it moves back. Hence the name of the pose - get up or “give cancer”.

What is good posture "cancer"

She gives more opportunities in sexual pleasures.

  1. It gives a man a chance to look at a woman from behind, and for most men the look of a naked woman's ass is simply intoxicating.
  2. In this position, a man enters a woman deeper. And a woman can regulate his movements, moving away a little from her partner or, conversely, clinging to him stronger.
  3. A man can freely caress the clitoris of his partner, in other positions, this caress is sometimes not available.
  4. The “cancer” position enables a woman to caress the male testicles by placing a hand between her legs.
  5. This position is most favorable for the conception of a child, because during frictions, the male member fits very close to the uterus, and sometimes in a fit of passion and opens it.

The disadvantages of the posture "cancer"

In principle, there is only one drawback - the impossibility of a kiss on the lips, which is a sensual sign of close relations between partners. Although, the partner needs only to straighten up and turn her face to the man, he will not miss the chance to dig into her thirsty lips for a kiss. True, this still requires a good physical form of lovers.

In real love relationships in general, and in sex related to them in particular, there is no such problem as to stand with cancer right or wrong. Because passion leaves no place for mathematical formulas and precise alignment of the knees and elbows, and love simply sweeps them away, not noticing the inconvenience of a narrow sofa, nor the danger of high heels. The desire to possess each other, here and now, completely sweeps away all existing rules, even physical laws.

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