How do you spell "on time"?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
August 22, 2014
How do you spell "on time"?

There are words that can be written differently depending on the context. For example, how to spell correctly: "on time" or "on time"? When the word "on time" is an adverb, it is written together. In this case, it is “on time”, “on time”. For example:

  • "The train arrived on time."
  • "If you recognize the symptoms of the disease in time, it will be easier to treat it."

The combination "during" (preposition + noun) is written separately:

  • "During a thunderstorm you cannot hide under the trees."

If you find it difficult to determine the part of speech, then use a simple hint. In adverbs "in time" the stress always falls on the first syllable - "in time". In this case, we write together. The noun has "time" with the preposition "in" the stress is always on the letter "e" - "in time". In this case, write separately.

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