How to sew a sleeve?

There are many different types of sleeves: flashlight, raglan, vtachnoy, advanced okat and others. But the most common ways to sew a sleeve are just two: classic, i.e. vtachnoy sleeve and sleeve shirt cut. In both cases, the work is carried out with a ready-made sleeve and shoulder seam at the product.

For sewing in sleeves prepare:

  • product;
  • sewing needle;
  • threads;
  • sharp scissors;
  • sewing machine;
  • tailors needles;
  • iron.

How to sew sleeve

  1. At the beginning of work, transfer the control notches from the pattern to the existing sleeve and armhole. In the future, they will need to be combined.
  2. When working with a set-in sleeve (with a high neck), first sew the seams on the sides and shoulders of the product, as well as all the seams on the sleeve. If you know the exact length of the sleeve, you can work and its bottom.
  3. Land the landing within the boundaries of the sleeve. This is done like this: between the control notches, the machine line is laid with a stitch of 4 mm in size with an interval of 3-5 mm from the next stitching stitch. Then the line is pulled, pulling the thread that gives in better. This assembly should be done lightly and evenly.This is required in order for the sleeve to take the shape of a rounded shoulder.
  4. After combining the control notches (aligning the middle of the sleeve along the neck with the seam of the shoulder and the mark on the sleeve with the notch on the armhole), insert the faceted sleeve into the armhole, and fasten it from the wrong side of the future product. It is necessary to do this by placing the needles perpendicularly in relation to the cut every 5-7 cm. Then sweep the sleeve, evenly distributing the fit with your fingers.
  5. Gently iron the landing. Sew in the sleeve, going through the machine stitch, controlling the correct distribution of fit. Make sure that the line turned out to be smooth, and again walk the new machine stitch exactly seam into the seam. This approach will ensure the strength of the product. Also seam the sleeve seam.
  6. Now let's touch the question about the second method: how to sew the sleeve in the armhole, if the sleeve is a shirt cut. The height of the okat of such a sleeve is small, and the okat itself is stretched to a greater degree, therefore the processing sequence here will be different. Similar sleeves are used in products of a free cut. In this way, you can make and sew the sleeve, discussed above, but only if it will be needed in the product of an elastic material without a fit on the sleeve.
  7. The side seam, as well as the seam of the sleeve, is not pre-processed, and the landing is not performed. Simply align the check marks and, as stated above, pin together along the shear. Such a sleeve can be immediately stitched on a typewriter, skipping the tangle, since it does not have a fit.
  8. Walk the iron on the seam grinding. Align and fasten all the cuts of the product, and the lengths of the cuts of the sleeves and the seam of the armhole, as well as the lengths of the side cuts of the future product must match. Carefully go through the machine stitching and iron the seam with an iron.

Note: you can read and see in the pictures the process of how to sew a knitted sleeve on the "" page.

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