How to sculpt from clay?

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How to sculpt from clay?

Clay molding is perfect for those who like to fantasize and embody their original ideas by making any objects. In the article I will tell you not only how to sculpt from clay, but also about the options for modeling from clay, and what to do with the finished figures, and, of course, where to find good clay. It is from the last we begin.

Choosing clay for sculpting

Good and soft clay for modeling is sold today in many stores. Go, for example, to a children's store or stationery store - there you will find gray clay, perfect for beginners. It is very convenient for modeling and is inexpensive. If you have already mastered the basics of modeling and want to create more large-scale compositions, then you can purchase soluble blue clay, which is sold in bags. For high-quality modeling, such clay must be sieved before being dissolved in water in order to clean it of unnecessary impurities. Natural clay is also an excellent material. The main thing is to choose it correctly. To do this, roll the found piece of clay and give it some form.If you do not find a large number of cracks on the resulting shape, then this clay is ideal for modeling. After such a check, it is necessary to clear the clay of impurities, for which you need to put it in a container with water and after settling, pour this mass into another container so that the sand, small pebbles and other impurities remain at the bottom.

Ways of modeling

It’s best for a beginner to try to mold some kind of figurine from a whole piece of clay, and only then move on to more complex modeling methods. These include, for example, relief molding, when a pattern is cut on the surface of a clay product, or when a pattern is stuck on pre-rolled clay. Dense and slightly hardened clay is treated with special tools - stacks (wooden, bone, metal and plastic rods), giving it the desired shape. Another method of clay modeling is that first the required plaster mold is created, where the liquid clay is poured. Finally, there is a way with which you can make a clay cast from an already finished figure.For this, the figure is wrapped in plastic film on which clay is applied. After drying, the resulting cast is easily removed from the sample.

Sculpt from clay - master class

Now we turn to practical recommendations, following which, you can easily learn how to sculpt from clay first simple figures, and then, as you gain experience, more complex ones. The main tool used for modeling of clay, were and remain human hands. This is especially important for those who want to know how to sculpt from polymer clay. Polymer clay in its properties during modeling resembles clay, but differs from the latter in that it becomes very hard after drying. As for ordinary clay, please note that the clay in the process of modeling must necessarily remain raw, therefore, having finished one stage, cover the clay with a damp rag so that it does not dry out. If cracks appear during modeling, they should be smoothed out with a water-clay mass or with the help of water only. If you create a complex clay figurine, you first need to fashion the largest pieces, and only then attach small parts to them.And one more important point: before the clay dries completely, in no case roll up parts from other materials into it. If you sculpt a product in which metal or wooden elements will be included, make recesses in the clay, where then you will need to attach these parts. For example, fridge magnets are made in this way. Those interested can also get acquainted with the video, how to sculpt from clay, good on the Internet today you can find many different lessons on any subject.

How to handle the figures after sculpting

It is not enough to mold a figurine from clay, it is also necessary to process it in a certain way so that it is more durable and has a complete look. First of all, the figure must be thoroughly dried. To do this, place it in a plastic bag and wait two or three days. Then remove the figurine and see if it is completely dry. It is very easy to determine this - dried crafts are much easier and lighter than raw ones. If desired, you can even more dry the product, putting it in a microwave or in the oven. If there is such an opportunity, it is better to burn a clay figure - in a furnace or on a fire.The main thing you need to remember is that you can only burn already dried products made of clay and, at the same time, you need to burn it evenly. In addition, the fire should not be too strong. Before painting the clay product, treat it with a layer of white enamel, which will create a smooth surface. And the final touch: after the paint dries, spread the clay figurine with PVA glue to make it shine.

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