How to say that you are pregnant?

When a woman finds out about pregnancy, the first question that arises in her head is how to communicate this to your loved one. If we can tell our parents about the pregnancy without much trepidation, then we can find the words for our man, sometimes with difficulty. Remember: in the first reaction of your man that he will soon become a dad, you can’t say whether he will be a good or a disgusting father.

Ways to say about pregnancy to your loved one

So how do you tell a guy that you are pregnant? There are several ways to tell your beloved one about your pregnancy:

  1. The standard way. As soon as your loved one returns home, with all the joy you have, you hang around his neck and tell him about your situation. Remember that the reaction of your man will largely depend on the state of your relationship at the moment, as well as how you will behave.
  2. Careful way. Very often, our men are unpredictable, so the news about pregnancy can be perceived as a disaster.If your elect is of this type of people, then first you need to probe the ground, that is, simply start talking about children, about whether a man would like to have them from you. Subsequently, you can go to the message about your delay, nausea, and also think out loud about whether you are not pregnant by chance? And only then, judging by the reaction of the man, you can put him before a fact after half a month.
  3. Romantic way. If a woman does not know how to tell her husband that she is pregnant, then she can use the most wonderful way - to arrange a romantic dinner in an excellent restaurant or in your own home. Prepare everything you need for this event: candles, soft lighting, pleasant music, champagne and a delicious dish. Rarely any man will not be happy with such a reception, so the message that you are pregnant, it is better to leave last.
  4. Extreme way. If you are not a supporter of the methods listed above, you can talk about your situation when you go with your husband in a car, fly in an airplane or sail a ship. In any case, you will have something to remember, since being in a precarious situation, your man will surely behave in a non-standard way too.
  5. Sexual way.If you want to assure your man that with the onset of pregnancy you will not change anything sexually, then arrange a scene for him with a revelation in bed. Dress in the sexiest way (new beautiful lingerie, gorgeous stockings and alluring makeup), create a romantic atmosphere with candles and drag your loved one to bed, then tell about your pregnancy.
  6. Gift method. If you think how to say that you are pregnant, you can try to give your husband a gift with a message that he will become a father for some holiday. This could be his birthday, Defender of the Fatherland Day, New Year's holidays, Valentine's Day, or even your anniversary. By wrapping a gift for him, you can put a postcard on top of where it says that you are pregnant. You can also put in a wrapped gift as a supplement pacifier, rattle, baby romper, or a book about paternity.
  7. Telegram method. Come to the post office and send a message to your husband with a message saying that you are pregnant. It is advisable to podgadat delivery time so that you are at home together, to immediately see the reaction of your loved one.The same method can be used by writing a message to your beloved by phone, simply by calling him or writing an email.
  8. Delicious way. If your husband loves your cooking, you can make a cake with a note about pregnancy inside, and also put a message about the baby at the bottom of the box of her husband's favorite candy. Here, everything will depend on what your man loves the most.
  9. Creative way. It is an ordinary inscription, indicating your pregnancy, which can be applied anywhere. For example, you can give your husband a t-shirt with a picture of a stroller, nipples, or simply the words "I will soon be a father!". You can write at night under the windows "Dear Andryusha, you will soon become a father!", And in the morning to draw your man's attention to her first by chance, and then seriously. You can order the same inscription on the billboard, if it is located opposite the windows of your house, or you can simply change the wallpaper on the desktop of your beloved laptop to the image of a pregnant woman or baby.

Ways to say about pregnancy at work

How to tell, that is pregnant, to the colleagues on work and the chief? First of all, remember that you can hide your pregnancy (as far as possible) from colleagues, but (!) Not from the authorities.It is your manager (boss) who should be the first to know about your pregnancy, and from you.

It is best to say about your pregnancy to your superiors when you are 4-5 months, so that the management still has time to find a replacement for you, and you yourself could be provided with more comfortable working conditions. Talk about your pregnancy without fear, with confidence in your voice, as every woman has the right to be a mother. The ideal option for your conversation with your superiors will, of course, be a discussion of the date of your release on the decree, the dates of your return, as well as the found replacement for the period of your absence.

As a rule, after telling your superiors that you are pregnant, everyone will know about it.

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