How to ride a motorcycle?

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How to ride a motorcycle?

Motorcycle slightly inferior to the car as a means of transportation. And what could be more pleasant than a dashing motorcycle ride on a warm summer evening? Nevertheless, this convenient and mobile type of transport requires certain skills, knowledge and skills from its owner, otherwise injuries and accidents cannot be avoided. Let's talk about how to ride a motorcycle, where to start and what rules in this matter you need to follow.

Learning to ride a motorcycle

Before you go on a big road or ride around a city with heavy traffic, you need to study your motorcycle well and get used to it, feel it. You need to understand how best and most convenient to brake, when it may appear skid wheel, with what force and how to put pressure on the pedals. Work out all driving skills to automatism, so that on the road you can only think about a traffic situation.

A helmet is obligatory, as well as glasses and gloves, pants are better strong and dense, and a jacket is made of a windproof and waterproof fabric.

Motorcycle driving highlights


How to ride a motorcycle? First you need to learn how to sit on it. To do this, you need to adjust the steering wheel so that the body is in a slight forward bend, and your knees can compress the fuel tank. So it is much more comfortable to sit and it is safer to drive a motorcycle. Avoid sitting with your back straight! We have imperfect roads in Russia, and with any shocks and races you will injure your spine.

Getting started

Inexperienced drivers are encouraged to learn to get off the ground without starting the engine, and the first attempts to accelerate better to take in open territory. To start the movement, you need:

  1. Press the clutch lever;
  2. Enable transmission;
  3. Add gas, to do this, turn the throttle control knob and slightly release the clutch lever.

Practice overclocking in different ways; lastly, it is better to master overclocking. Gradually learn to accelerate, slipping as little as possible while grip.

Start the engine, sit on the motorcycle so that the right foot rests on the ground (to support the motorcycle), and the left is free to start the gear.Next, you need to determine the clutch engagement point. This can be determined by slowly releasing the lever. The moment when the bike will be ready to leave the place and will be the best. Remember it and at the next acceleration lower the lever always to this point. Now, when the clutch is turned on, add gas by 1/3 and start slowly releasing the clutch. In cases where you need to quickly go and accelerate, gas must be added more than 1/3. When the bike gets under way, release the clutch as quickly as possible. Then you can add speed and enjoy the ride. Do not try to accelerate at full throttle and give a long slip of the clutch.

Gear shift

You can switch up and down. Up - higher gear, down - lower.

  1. Switch up. Include the first transfer, then dump gas, thereby reducing engine turns, and squeeze out coupling. Then turn on the next gear and release the clutch. Immediately add gas and increase speed with? before ?. The cycle when shifting gears must be repeated.
  2. Switch down. Release the throttle, press the clutch lever, engage the lower gear, release the clutch lever and immediately add gas to? turns.If you want to slow down or stop the motorcycle, even before you release the clutch lever, you need to release the gas and slow down slightly.

How to stop

Learn to stay in a limited area. To stop, you need to gradually shift gears to the first, squeeze the clutch and drive to the stop at neutral. Use the rear brake. It is a mistake to think that using the rear brake is enough. Start the stop with the rear brake, and then transfer to the front brake. Proper braking is the use of both rear and front brakes. It is also very important to correctly calculate the braking, it is necessary to take into account the speed of the motorcycle, the distance at which to stop, and various disturbances, including the friction force.

Useful tips

If you want to learn how to learn to ride a motorcycle, then you need to follow some safety rules:

  1. Start driving slowly and carefully until you are fully confident that you can confidently drive a motorcycle.
  2. Train first in large areas without car traffic.
  3. When traveling on a high road, consider the movement of cars, the behavior of motorists, the possibility of rebuilding them in a row, overtaking.Watch the movement from the front and the back, count on the safe speed.
  4. Leave difficult driving conditions (rain, ice, fog) until you fully learn to ride a motorcycle.
  5. Keep driving on the right lane. Avoid turns and trips to the oncoming traffic lane, follow the general rules of the road. Do not risk sharply changing direction or moving to the side, if you do not know how the situation is the movement behind you.
  6. Keep some distance from the vehicles in front to avoid accidents.

Riding without a license

Can I ride a motorcycle without a license? If the inspector stops you and it turns out that you are riding a motorcycle without a license, then the motorcycle will be taken from you and sent to the car pound, and you will be given a fine of 2,500 rubles. The motorcycle can be picked up from the penalty area when you can prove ownership of it, but you will not be allowed to leave on it without rights. Here you will have to either look for another way to deliver the motorcycle home, or call a friend with you with category A. Right. By the way, when riding a motorcycle, you must definitely have the rights of category A.

Some argue that you can ride without a motorcycle license, just be careful. To do this, you need to go around posts, and in a collision with inspectors, first remove the helmet. If you are driving without a helmet, inspectors have no right to catch up with you, but information about a suspicious motorcyclist will be passed from post to post. You can get away from danger if you leave the courtyards. At the same time, many advise you to rent or hide rooms, because with their presence you can easily find them. All this - the advice of ordinary people from the Internet, but we do not recommend you to drive without a license, if only for your own safety! Go, learn, pass on the right and can confidently and fearlessly ride through the streets.

But for those who are not satisfied with our article, and for those who want to learn more about how to ride a motorcycle, the video will be most welcome. Watch and learn! Successes!

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