How to push?

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How to push?

In every woman's life, pregnancy is happiness. Any girl expects when she gets married and becomes a mother. Undoubtedly, pregnancy is a physiological process, someone tolerates it easily, someone is harder, but all women end up with pregnancy in the same way - contractions. Attempts are contractions of the abdominal muscles that facilitate the passage of the child through the birth canal.


Attempts regulate the woman in labor, most often they last about an hour before the child is born. The main thing during the period of attempts is to breathe correctly, then relax and listen to the obstetrician.

In the maternity hospital, the woman in labor is placed on the obstetric bed. Iron railings are placed on the edges of the bed. Holding on to them, a woman creates an ideal pose for childbirth.

During the fight you need to straighten out smoothly and exhale smoothly. It is right to push during childbirth, it is to push with all your might, so the child will be born faster and without injury. Inhale widely by the chest, take in air, hold the breath for 10-15 seconds and push hard.Do not waste your strength on the cry, better keep the sounds in yourself, moo, but do not open your mouth. Press your head to your chest, direct all the force down the abdomen. In the period of one fight, you have to pull the full three times. Breathing from attempts is different from breathing during contractions in that when contractions breathe “dog” often. How to straighten out, advise as a doctor who takes birth, or a midwife.

For successful birth, a doctor is very important. We advise you to establish a good friendship with your doctor and ask for the following:

  • So that you lift and lower the back of the delivery chair when you need it;
  • So that you are allowed to hug your knees with your hands during attempts, you will be able to control your body.
  • It is very important to listen to the signals of your body. What, if not your body, will tell you what is happening to it. Remember that in no case, do not need to push in the moments when there is no urge to attempts. This can lead to ruptures.
  • Also, every woman should understand that if periods of labor contractions during childbirth are not in control, but the quality and time of the attempts is entirely the woman’s business.
  • The main mistake during the attempts is the unfortunate situation. If a woman tugs in the delivery room at an angle of 45 degrees, then there is a possibility that the head of the child will not provide enough pressure when leaving the delivery tube and the delivery will be more difficult.
  • We remind you that the best posture is vertical, with the knees drawn up and the arms wrapped around them. Such a posture is still beneficial because, besides the mother, the force of gravity helps the baby to be born.


Preparing for childbirth can be long and carefully, and at the right time, you can forget not only how to straighten out during childbirth, but also your own name. Childbirth is a complex physiological process that requires emotional preparation. The support of the father or close people, the willingness of the woman herself to become a mother is important. Get ready, learn better.

Breathing technique

Once again about the breathing technique. To breathe properly you need to "in the stomach." Those. typing air in the lungs push it down to the stomach, if you hold the air in your mouth, your cheeks will turn red, which will tell you about the wrong breathing. It is also necessary to exhale smoothly so that a repulsive effect does not occur and the baby is not thrown back. Exhalation is also important and affects the outcome of the attempts.And do not forget to be silent. The most ineffective occupation during childbirth - scream. Not only will you spend your strength, misuse the air, but also the child will remain in place.

If you feel that you are uncomfortable in one position or another, do not be afraid to tell the doctor about it. If you feel a desire to roll over, bend down or something else, then this is no accident, because nature is wise and knows better what your body and body are desiring at the moment. Being in a comfortable position, you create comfort for your child. Perhaps you will be helped to better understand the process of attempts and childbirth and learn all about how to properly push, videos that provide medical sites. You can view the training materials on them.

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