How to pump the press at home

Probably, most people would like to lookattractive. The basis of good health and a great figure is a tightened press. However, not everyone has the opportunity to attend gyms. Modern man suffers from a chronic lack of time. So many are wondering how to pump the press at home.

Nothing complicated in developing a home complexfor employment there. You just have to choose some good exercises that will use all the abdominal muscles. Then you should carefully read the detailed instructions how to properly press the press at home to do the exercises as efficiently as possible.

The main problem with which there are all whois engaged alone, this is the motivation, or rather, its support. The first two or three weeks, many are engaged with great enthusiasm. However, over time, the desire disappears, and the person throws exercise. Therefore, before you swing the press at home, you need to decide on your goal and steadily go to the result.

Before classes, you should learn someinformation about the characteristics of the body of men and women. If the fine half of humanity fat deposits are located mainly under the skin, then in men dominates the internal, visceral fat. Women lose weight is easier, and the goals for their studies are different. Men are more difficult to lose volume in the waist, and in order to get the coveted cubes, which most of them are aiming for, will have to adhere to a certain diet.

Exercises on the press at home in itsthe essence can be divided into several categories. Some of them involve the bottom of the press, others - on top, others affect the development of oblique muscles. In the class you have to include all the types of exercises in order to get the maximum effect. The duration of the lessons can be about 10 minutes a day. This is enough to develop the muscles well. However, in order to remove excess fat, this is not enough. It is necessary to move a lot and reduce the number of calories in food. Before you swing the press at home, you must immediately determine the training schedule and allocate time for this.

Here is a small complex that will make the muscles of the press strong and strong.

1. Pulling the legs to the chest. It is necessary to sit on a bench or sofa. The back should be slightly deflected, hands resting on the surface. Raising your bent legs, you need to pull them to your chest.

2. The ascent is prone. The starting position is lying on the floor, feet on the couch. We must raise ourselves so that the shoulder blades come off the floor, and the muscles of the press tighten.

3. The starting position is the same as in the previous exercise. You need to tear yourself away from the floor and make twisting in one direction, straining the slanting muscles of the press. Then the exercise is repeated the other way.

This complex is enough to ensure thatto develop a press. For each exercise, you need to do 20-25 repetitions. Over time, the complex can include other exercises for diversity, but they work on the same principle as those outlined above. Asked how to pump the press at home, many are afraid that this will require some equipment. In fact, as equipment, you can use ordinary furniture: chairs, sofa, bed.

If desired, you can install a bar in the apartment. This device will allow the press to lift the legs in the vise. Those who want to exercise a press with weights, you can use any improvised materials: books, bottles with water and other items. There is no need to purchase pancakes from the bar for this. The main thing in this training is perseverance and perseverance, therefore it is important to support the motivation for classes.

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