How to pump racks before installation - step by step instructions

The condition of roads in the post-Soviet space is far from the best. This is confirmed by the need for regular replacement of shock absorbers on cars. If the operation will be carried out at the service station, then there are no problems with it. As for those who decide to make repairs themselves, you need to know how to perform this operation correctly. The fact is that you can not just take and install a new shock absorber. It must be pre-pumped. Let's look at how to pump racks and why you need to do it. This information will help those who service their car independently.

Why pump racks?

To begin with, the pumping process is an integral part in the process of replacing shock absorbers. This operation is necessary for the full and effective operation of the entire suspension of the machine. If you do not pump the twin-tube shock absorbers just prior to their installation, then during operation, the operation of the rack piston may be to pump the strutThe most annoying thing about this is that if the car owner neglected or did not know how to pump the racks with his own hands, then even with a guarantee, the product cannot be exchanged. The reason is a violation of the installation rules. In the end, this is money spent in vain, as well as a spoiled mood, which is even worse.

The process of wiggling the shock absorber is necessary to activate this element. So, with the help of this process, the rack is brought to its optimum condition for further operation. But that is not all. Bleeding allows you to remove the oil or air, which accumulates in the inner part of the part. If pumping is neglected, then the rack may to pump the old racksIt must be emphasized that the process of replacing shock absorbers is not always performed in this way. Only two-pipe racks need to be pre-activated. In monotube, the working fluid does not mix with air due to the presence of a separating piston in the system. But this is not on all cars.

Shock absorber device

This element is a body in which there is a rod, cylinder, seals, valve mechanisms. This device can be called one of the most important parts in the suspension of any cars. Without these elements, it’s just impossible to drive a car.In the absence of struts, the body is continuously swinging in a vertical direction. The shock absorber performs the function of a damper that dampens vibrations of springs, springs or torsions.

In the process of pumping there is no difference in the type of shock absorber. If you know how to pump oil racks, then you can also work with other types of them.

Operating principle

It doesn't matter how the shock absorber works. All of them, regardless of the type, operate on the same principle. And this means that, regardless of the type, they need pumping. In the shock absorber chamber, the piston reciprocates. There are several holes in the piston. In the process of movement of the mechanism of pressure in the chamber increases. By the way, it gets bigger when the car is moving at low to pump racks before installingNext, the working substance falls into that part of the pillar chamber where the pressure is much lower. Due to this, the compression force is reduced. As a result, the piston moves along its path. After the oil reaches the end of the chamber, it will begin to flow into another part. Meanwhile, the piston will begin to move in the opposite direction. Due to his work fluctuations will be repaid.

Types of shock absorbers

In the car world, several types of these devices are used. They differ among themselves in the device and the type of substances that are contained inside the case. Regardless of the type (oil or gas), shock absorbers have been operating for several years. However, on domestic roads, they wear out more and fail before. Therefore it is necessary to change them periodically. Save on racks is not worth it. They are responsible for the safety of the car when driving. Due to serviceable racks, the braking distance of the car is reduced. One of the highest quality products is the Kayaba racks. This is a Japanese manufacturer that has been manufacturing shock absorbers for over 70 years. Now the average cost of one rack is 4800 rubles. Motorists say they are the most durable.

Oil damper

These are the most popular items. They can be found in the suspension of most cars. These devices are affordable. They are the most reliable and comfortable to pump racksThey are used only on passenger cars, and they are intended for ordinary urban conditions.

Gas oil systems

These are also quite popular options among motorists. They have differences in performance compared to oil analogues. So, car owners say they are tougher. However, this minus is easily compensated by the complete absence of the risk of boiling of the oil during operation. Initially, the gas-oil absorber was intended for off-road driving. But today, motorists use them in the city.


These are the most rigid kinds from all existing. At the same time gas racks are the most resistant to any road obstacles. The peculiarity of this type is that in the process of moving the car will always be stable. Of the disadvantages emit a low level of comfort. This is due to the high rigidity of each element of this structure.

One and two-pipe mechanism

Before telling how to pump the strut, it is necessary to find out the difference between the types of struts. Two-pipe solutions are considered the most simple and widespread. The working substance is gas or oil. The main drawback in these models is considered to be poor cooling. The oil is very hot due to the small volume of the chamber.High temperatures lead to foaming. This disrupts the proper operation of the rack. Therefore, you need to know how to pump the front struts and to pump oil racksPartially protected from foaming gas oil racks. Air and oil are pumped into the casing of the two pipes. The first is pumped under slight pressure. Sometimes nitrogen is used as a gas. This solution reduces the risks of foaming.

The design of monotube racks does not have a working chamber. As it acts the body itself. The tube is divided into two parts. At the top is oil. At the bottom - gas under pressure. Between the sections there is a special valve. Also do not forget about the rack "McPherson". These are monotube upside-down shock absorber struts.

About installing shock absorbers without pumping

The process of pumping allows you to evenly distribute the oil in the cylinder rack. This normalizes the pressure. The effect will be on any type of shock absorber. Most car owners are wondering: "Is it possible to complete the installation without performing pumping?"how to pump racks with their own handsYes you can. But if you do not pump, the rubber parts on the piston during the operation will quickly fail.The reason is critical pressure drops. With the help of pumping you can also diagnose the condition of the rack.

How to pump racks before installing? Mechanism Diagnosis

Before installing collapsible oil elements, you must first disassemble the element. Make sure there is enough fluid inside. Add spindle oil if necessary. Naturally, special lubricants are also sold. If the damper rod is removed, then the oil level should be at the level of the upper retaining nut. Then dismount the cylinder. If a cartridge is installed in the rack, then it will not be possible to disassemble and diagnose it. Here, when it malfunctions - only a replacement for a new one. Motorists are very praised rack "Kayaba."how to pump the front pillarsSo, when the cylinder is dismantled, inspect the piston and valve. There should not be any distortions. If there are broken rubber elements and springs, they are changed. The oil should not contain dirt, dust, air bubbles. Dirty oil must be replaced. It is better to thoroughly wash the cylinder body with diesel fuel.

Bleeding: step by step instructions

Let's look at how to pump racks before installing them on the car.This procedure may well be done by hand. The rack is installed so that its stock is pointing upwards. Next, the shock absorber gently squeezes until the surface of the rod is close to the glass. Then the mechanism is delayed at a level for 2-3 seconds. If for compression it is necessary to make great efforts, then you can use special to pump new racksNext, the rod is drawn up to its transition to its normal state. The main thing in this business is smoothness. It is important to perform the operation, excluding sudden movements. Further, this algorithm is repeated. Usually missing two times. This is with regard to how to pump new racks. At the final stage, the stock is sharply pulled up. If the shock absorber is working properly, then the item will go without failures. Stock must look up. After that, the suspension element is ready for installation and operation. Here's how to pump racks. As you can see, this procedure is really very simple. But, despite its simplicity, much depends on it.

Work with other types of shock absorbers

Often, not pumped shock absorbers are two-pipe parts.It is believed that the one-pipe device does not need this operation at all, since there is high pressure gas inside it. And really - experts say that they do not need to be pumped. This will not affect traffic safety and life of the shock absorber. But if a car enthusiast is confident and knows how to pump racks of this type, then he will not harm the element.

On the rules of pumping shock absorbers

Specialists in car maintenance claim that there are certain rules that must be followed. It is important that the stock always points upwards. At the end of the process can not turn the device. It is necessary that the element be in this position until it is installed.

Most models are equipped with systems for draining excess oil. Here, events can develop in two scenarios. How to pump racks in this case? Do not press the rod to the end or use a special groove. So, compression is carried out strictly to the groove.


So, we figured out how to pump the old racks and new ones. I must say that pumping is an important process. Therefore, buying a new shock absorber, you need to make sure that it is necessary for a specific shock absorber model. We hope we helped you to understand this difficult question.

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