How to play forfeits?

Phantoms - this is an old game, which has been playing for several centuries. Therefore, many of us know how to play forfeits. We recall only the main points.

Rules of the game

The number of participants is from 5 to 25. Each player gives the master some object, and then writes a task on the piece of paper. Paper with tasks are collected and mixed. Further, the presenter, without looking, should pull out the "phantom" (someone's object), and then the note. The master of "fantasy" must perform the task, which is written on a piece of paper. Do not forget that you can get to your own desire. This circumstance should somewhat "cool" the overheated heads.

Questions in the phantoms can be very different. In the century before last, the game of phantas in verse was popular. Now it comes down to the "fan" as soon as possible to utter a rhyme-tongue twister. For a youth company, they can be with an erotic bias (depending on the proximity of the company). For chaste people, for example, there can be such tasks - for a while to drink a bottle of beer, play pantomime.

This, in short, is the essence of the game of forfeits. The rules are simple, but will it be funny, it all depends on the flight of your imagination.

Examples of tasks

  1. Without words, show what you are all busy at work.
  2. For a minute, draw someone's portrait.
  3. Pronounce the toast in an incomprehensible language.
  4. Mimicry to represent at least 10 emotions.
  5. Talk about elephants for at least 1 minute without stopping.
  6. On your knees go all over the room.
  7. To depict yawning until one of the guests begins to yawn.
  8. Eat garlic (at least 2 denticles).
  9. With a ladle and pans run out into the street and yell loudly: "I want a cabbage soup !!!" At the same time, beat the saucepan with a ladle.
  10. To come up with a congratulation for a birthday person, so that each word begins with a single letter.

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