How to plant corn in the country?

Scientifically proven that corn was domesticatedabout 8700 years ago in Mexico by indigenous people, and its ancient ancestor is the theosynthesis plant. Since then, its popularity, the number of varieties and the variety of spheres of use have significantly expanded. Suffice it to say that it is the second cereal after wheat on the marketability in the world market. Therefore it is not surprising that the culture has become so popular in the kitchen gardens of our country, where it looks quite harmonious, grows well and pleases with smooth and tasty cobs. Our article on how to plant corn in the cottage is correct to get the most possible harvest.

how to plant corn

Corn Sugar: Subspecies

The choice of seed is of paramount importancemeaning: that plant, then collect. The main criterion, which is worth paying attention to, is maturation and regionalization. At the moment there is a huge number of varieties destined for a variety of regions, including Siberia and the Urals. In general, it should be noted that the original species (sugar corn) is divided into nine groups depending on the structure and morphology of the grain: amylaceous (mealy), bursting, starchy-sugar, waxy, filmy, semi-tooth and denticulate, siliceous, sugar. In Russia, the distribution has received the last three species. Corn is especially popular. It is distinguished by its high taste qualities, it is used in cooked and fresh form, is used for canning.

Best grades

how to plant corn in the country

Before planting corn in the country in the spring, pay attention to the most popular varieties of this cereal.

  • Gourmand 121 is a famous high-yielding variety,has good resistance to mosaic virus and other diseases. Early maturity (70-75 days), height up to 150 cm, cob - 20 cm. Suitable for freezing and canning.
  • Dobrynia F1 - an early hybrid, up to 170 cm high,cob to the size of 25 cm. Perfectly adapts to different types of soils, resistant to mosaic, rust, wilting, appreciated for excellent taste.
  • Spirit is a stably high-yielding variety, suitable for many regions. Stem height up to 2 m, cobs - 20 cm, early maturity.
  • Ice nectar is a late variety with good taste qualities, it is considered to be the sweetest among the likes of it. The size of the ears is up to 22 cm in length.
  • Krasnodar Sugar 250 SW - early ripening variety,giving a stable harvest. The plant is tall, exceeds 2 m in height, the cob to 20 cm. The hybrid is valued for early and guaranteed yield, resistance to diseases.

Let us reiterate that in order to obtaina good harvest, you must choose a suitable variety, zoned. To think about the place and the soil must also be before planting corn in the country. In Siberia, for example, as practice shows, Dutch super-early and early varieties (Baby taste, Honi Bantam) grow best.

Lighting and soil

Before you start, you need to find out howto plant corn. At the dacha (photo - in the article) for this heat-loving culture should be allocated a sunny place, preferably without drafts and constant winds, and to eliminate stagnation of moisture. The culture is demanding for the fertility of the soil, therefore, for a stable and high yield, a preliminary (autumn) application of manure and humus, mineral fertilizers is necessary.

Sowing begins in late April-early May (independing on the climatic zone). This is due to the level of warming up the soil, heat-loving culture should be at least +10 ° C, and after the threat of recurrent frosts will be minimal.

In the ground or seedlings?
how to plant corn in the country

It is important to know not only when, but also as cornplant. If the experienced gardeners question is not difficult, then beginners probably face a choice - to grow seedlings or risk and sow right into the ground. It is difficult to answer unequivocally. If you plan to allocate a large area for corn, the seedling method will cause a lot of trouble. However, in the case of a small number of plants, using it, you can achieve an earlier period of ripening and a stable harvest, which is important in regions with a short summer. Specialists, however, say that plants from seeds planted in the soil, quickly catch up with their relatives from the window sill. In any case, before planting corn in the countryside with seedlings or in the soil, the grains must first be soaked in a nutrient solution, for example "Ideal", for the day before the pecking.

The second important point is the pollination of the plant. It is proved that it best passes in group plantings by blocks, that is, instead of two long rows, four should be planted, but shorter.

Care of the plant

how to plant corn in a cottage with seedlings

Caring for the plant covers three main factors. Firstly, regular weeding of rows between weeds. Secondly, the loosening of the soil after rains and watering, so that the crust does not form and the roots breathe. This should be done very carefully, as corn has a fairly superficial root system, which is easy to damage. Third, the mulching of the soil. It is necessary to prevent excessive evaporation of moisture, prevents rapid development of weeds and weathering of the surface. It is important to know not only how to plant corn, but also how to take care of it. Often you can see how on the plant from the root are the stepsons. They are recommended to be removed, as the harvest from them you will not have time to take off, and they will pull the forces from the mother bush.

Watering and fertilizers

One of the important factors of good growth -regular and abundant watering, especially in dry summer conditions. A perfect result is a drip system that does not blur the soil, and the plant gradually receives the required amount of moisture. At the same time, maize is fed with mineral and organic fertilizers. The first application of drugs must be done at the time when the plant will release 6 full-leaf leaves. Use mullein infusion, superphosphate, ammonium nitrate, etc.

Pests and diseases

how to plant corn in a summer cottage

Sweet and juicy cereals are very attractive formany pests. In particular, for a wireworm (larva of a beetle-click), they appear just at the time of seeding - May-June. There are a lot of ways to combat the pest. It is recommended to plow the land in the autumn after the frost starts, and in the spring before planting the corn, add ash to the acid soil, lime. In case of severe infection, treat the soil with preparations "Pochin", "Barguzin" or "Provotoks".

In addition, during the whole period of vegetationregular treatment is carried out against the fly of the Swedish, corn and meadow moth, bacterial diseases - dusty and bubbly head, bacteriosis of various etymologies.


how to plant corn in a dacha in Siberia

If all the work was done correctly, starting withhow to plant corn, and finishing with watering and weeding, then in the fall you will get a good harvest. The fact that the cobs are ripe and ready for collection, you will be informed by the enveloping envelope, which begins to burn. In ripe cereals, the grains must be milky, dense, and poured. Sugar varieties are not recommended for long storage, otherwise they will begin to lose flavor. It is best to immediately recycle them - freezing, canning, eating.

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