How to peel a down jacket without erasing? How to clean the down jacket from shine?

Winter in urban conditions is a very seasondirty. Its main signs are wet snow and car exhausts, as well as rainy weather. All these factors contribute to the rapid contamination of our most comfortable winter clothing - down jackets, which are in the wardrobe of almost every person.

how to clean a down jacket without erasingIn such a thing, no precipitations and colds are frightening, it is comfortable and cozy in it even in the worst frosts.

If the down jacket is dirty

When a favorite winter thing needs cleaning, shecan be produced in various ways. The simplest of them, which immediately comes to mind, is to put a dirty down jacket in the washing machine, while choosing a manual or delicate mode. However, there are products for which this method is unacceptable. Especially this applies to those things, a heater in which is a natural fluff. After washing such material will collapse into lumps. As a result, the thing will become unsuitable for wearing.

how to clean the collar near the down jacketHow to peel a down jacket without erasing? A dirty thing can be attributed to dry cleaning. But it should be borne in mind that such a service can be estimated at half the cost of the product itself.

Look at the icons

Before returning the original look to itsbeloved down jacket, you should carefully study its label. The manufacturer with the help of special icons should indicate whether it is possible to wash the product in a car, dry cleaning, etc. If all these methods for your product are unacceptable, then how do I clean the down jacket? Not erasing and not relating to dry cleaning, it can be rid of dirt manually.

Special Tools

How to peel a down jacket without erasing? To do this, purchase chemical agents or special solutions. To clean things classified as "fluff-feather", "Down Wash & Clean" will perfectly suit. The technology of removing dirt with this tool is quite simple:
- coat or jacket is laid out on a flat surface;
- with a napkin or sponge soaked in a product, the whole down jacket or the most dirty places (pockets, sleeves, gates, and stains) are processed;
- the chemical is washed off with clean water;
- The processed thing is dried on the shoulders, away from the heat sources (fireplaces, batteries and hairdryers).

Stain Removal

In the event that on a down jacket only in some places there is a dirt, it can be deduced by means of such means:
- "Dr. Beckmann ";
- "Vanish";
- Heitmann.
These are the most effective and popular stain removers currently offered. Often, along with these tools, special brushes are also sold for the treatment of contaminated surfaces.

How to clean the down jacket, without erasing the place,where is the spot? The purchased product must be treated with a contaminated area. In this case, the direction of the brush should be from the edge of the spot to its middle. After the procedure, the product must be removed from the down jacket with clean water, trying not to soak the entire product.

how to clean a greasy down jacketIf your favorite thing is spoiled by a spot frommachine oil, then to remove it you will need to take refined gasoline. Before carrying out the necessary actions, it is worth checking the reaction of the fabric of the down jacket to this product. To do this, a little refined gasoline should be applied to the back surface of the product. If the fabric does not discolor, then you can proceed to remove the stain. A few drops of gasoline are applied to a cloth soaked in water. The spot is wiped in a circular motion in the direction from the edges to the center. After that, remove the gasoline wipe with a damp cloth. Movements must be made in the same direction. After finishing this procedure, the down jacket should be well ventilated.

Without washing, greasy stains can be eliminated. This is not an easy task, but there is still a way to clean it. How to clean the down jacket from shine? First of all, you need a solution, which contains one tablespoon of salt and vinegar, diluted with half a liter of water. In the obtained product, it is necessary to moisten the wadded disk, which also wipes the stain. At the end of the procedure, the area of ​​contamination is cleaned with clean warm water.

How to clean the greasy down jacket? This will help any dish cleaner. Removal of stains is possible due to the special ingredients of its composition, capable of splitting fat. Before the beginning of the procedure, in a small amount of slightly warmed water, two tea spoons of the taken product should be diluted and mixed thoroughly. In the resulting solution, a sponge is wetted, and the greasy area is wiped. The resulting foam should be left for a while on the surface of the contamination. After a few minutes, the stain is wiped with a microfiber cloth dipped in clean water. In the event that the fat stain has not departed from the first time, the procedure must be repeated.

It should be borne in mind that such means, such as acetone, citric acid or thinner, which are not safe for a down jacket, should not be used. They can ruin your favorite thing.

Problem places

Most often in any thing, cleansing requires a sleeve andcollar. They tend to get dirty first. How to clean the sleeves of the down jacket and its collar? To do this you will need a solution of any powder or detergent. A brush, moistened in it, these most problematic places are wiped. The rest of the down jacket must be dry. Remains of detergent solution are removed with a sponge or cloth.

how to clean the sleeves of a down jacketHow to clean a collar at a down jacket, if hetrimmed with fur? In the event that natural products are used for tailoring the product, it is strictly forbidden to wash this part. Fur parts are brushed when brushed.

Home Tricks

Clean the down jacket without washing it is possible and improvised means. Here are some of the most popular:

1. Add one tablespoon of ammonia and dish detergent in a hundred milliliters of water. Blend the resulting mixture until a steep foam is obtained, which is applied to the soiled areas. Rinse with clean water and dry with a hygroscopic cloth.

how to peel the fluffy shine
2. Treat contaminated areas of the down jacket with a solution of hydrogen peroxide with ammonia (1: 1). After the procedure, these places should be wiped dry.
3. Spread the wiper on the stain from the aerosol can. After this place, wipe with a cloth or a rag. Repeat all actions three to four times.
4. Clean the down jacket will help a thick foam diluted in water shampoo.


When buying a down jacket, you should pay attention tolabel. Clean the contaminated product only in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Before washing, you should try to restore the appearance of your favorite thing in some dry way. In the event that after a local application of detergents and cleaning agents, there will be no stains on the fabric, it will be enough.

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