How to part beautiful?

In fact, we are all born to find a mate. Recall the biblical tradition when the Lord created Eve from the rib of Adam. It is logical that every person on this planet has only one 100 percent suitable person, given the fate. In the meantime, we are persistently looking for him, someone can go along the thorny road of mistakes and errors, meeting the wrong people at the wrong time. I don’t want to convince you that you shouldn’t meet until you are constricted - the burdened person does not appear on the horizon. On the contrary, to find your soul mate, you must not stay in place, but still look.

What to do when, after a while, you understand that it is not your person who is near now. The question arises, how beautiful it is to part with a guy, if you already don’t see anything like love in your relationship? Many guys, in turn, can not decide on the first step in a similar question, because they are afraid to offend a previously loved one and simply do not know how beautiful it is to part with a girl? It all depends on why you decide to live without this person.

Reasons for parting

The reasons for parting each different. Some can not find common points of contact, others trite change, there are still couples who just become boring and in a relationship do not even smell. There are also options when people do not stand the test of time and separation. Anything can happen. One thing is for sure - never burn bridges behind you! Everything that happened to you in life should not carry the train of dark memories.

Ways to part

So, I can give some effective, but effective advice on how to part beautifully. The algorithm of your actions should be approximately as follows:

  • Pre-tune in a frank conversation. Decide for yourself whether you want to continue to communicate or it will be easier for you to provoke a quarrel and, in the heat of it, express everything that has accumulated during the meetings. This is an option I advise you to use, if the guy, the girl you were deceived, changed, humiliated, in general, showed themselves not from a very good side. In other cases, do not do it that way. It happens that a person is not at all guilty.
  • You can try to break off relations not sharply, but gradually. Start by stopping the call, then stop chatting with this person on the Internet, then meet less and less.As a rule, the unfortunate should guess himself, and, already prepared for the conversation, he will ask you about it. Naturally, you very gently explain how you began to feel something like friendship towards him or her, and you think that without romance and love, your relationship does not make sense. You are just like friends. But be prepared for the fact that you can throw the first, who will love the frank ignore. Then for sure, you were right that you decided to leave your boyfriend. People presented to us by fate do not disappear and do not get lost.
  • You can try to blame your girlfriend for the lack of attention to you. Or pull all the dogs on your boyfriend, making the unfortunate guilty. It already depends on your personal qualities. I would not do that. In any situation it is better to be human!
  • You can go the way of lying. However, be careful, as you can confuse yourself. Think up in advance of a story about another interest, about moving to another country, about the fact that you ate a coconut and now you like the Indians! Anything to look true in your case! But, as for me, it is better to speak frankly.

The art of beautiful parting

Honest conversation will help part without scandals and quarrels. Pick the right moment when he or she has no problems at home, at work, invite him to dinner and honestly admit his feelings. Explain that you better break up now, while the relationship concerns only the two of you. While you are not a family and you are not bound by children. If already at this stage of relations at least one doubted their necessity, in the future the situation will only worsen. Wish from the heart to find him and her a worthy companion of life, if it is painful to continue to communicate with you - do not insist on friendly relations. You must understand that now you hurt a person, respect other people's feelings.

At this point, perhaps you should not be verbose, as this will further aggravate the pain. Just a person should feel your honesty, frankness, sympathy, respect, sympathy. Over time, the pain will pass, and how you acted will be appreciated. You may even be good friends. And after a while, you will be able to invite each other to your weddings and shout “Bitterly” from the heart.

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