How to open your heart?

We all sometimes suffer, that life has developed not in the way we would like. Close people do not understand us, there is no success at work, and even health fails. But no one thinks about the fact that everything that surrounds us is realized thoughts, the desires of ourselves. Sometimes a person believes that he is not appreciated at work, but does he value himself as a specialist? Do not develop relationships with your loved ones, and you are ready for them, for relationships? For everything to work out in the best possible way, you need to try to be open to all good things: good people, happy events in life. How to open your heart so that good and positive episodes fill your living space?

Think, dream and wait for a change.

For something good to happen, imagine that you are already well, that there are only good and kind people around you. Throw out of your heart envy, which, like a black hole, absorbs all your well-being. To open your heart towards positive changes, become a positive person yourself.

Try to create a harmonic relationship with the world, with your loved ones and friends.Start with your own inner world, then what you feel will affect your environment. At some point, something suddenly happens that has never happened to you before. For example, strangers will offer you help, home life will improve, and a prospect will appear at work. Let's look at everything in order.

Open your heart and love will come

If you haven’t said yes, if love hasn’t come to you, it’s important to be ready to meet her, let your heart be active in anticipation. Imagine, very specifically, what kind of person you could love. Hair color, eyes, character and become. Sit down, with your eyes closed, draw in your head the type of your betrothed. This exercise is quite effective, it is believed that it is effective.

If the family already has a relationship and is unstable in it (almost everyone does), delve into your doubts and conventions. For example, in your relationship there is no firm certainty that you will be together, that you are matched. Make it clear - do you want to be with this person? Naturally, he has flaws that you always want to correct and create from a partner of such a person who would not have minuses. However, all these thoughts are a delusion; you cannot correct and change anyone.It is important to understand that your partner is already an established personality, and you can only accept him as such. If this is not possible, then only you need to think about breaking.

It is when the partners perceive each other adequately, giving the opportunity to demonstrate their character traits - the relationship becomes stable and full-fledged. If one of the partners begins to radiate inner harmony, the second will adjust, will feel the rhythm and will also become more loyal and wiser.

Build a relationship that is both natural and understandable to both of you; this requires a little bit of correction of your own perception.

Become a team favorite

But workers and problems are often more difficult to solve than troubles with well-established family life. Probably, because in a team different people learn to exist, with different views and preferences. In addition, competition, envy and inability to forgive also do their work. Open your heart for new experiences, for new relationships.

It is important to try to treat employees and customers as people who have their own interests and hobbies. Ask how they spend their time. It happens that someone's preferences "infect".Do not close only at work. Sometimes it is useful to go shopping with your colleagues or just walk down the street. So you better know the people you meet at work every day.

Do not be afraid of the chief, even if he is strict and unsmiling. He is also a person with shortcomings and well-established delusions. Show that you see a person in him, in something you sympathize with him, and in something he causes admiration.

Of course, life does not always smile at us, but let's be wise and get better.

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