How to open a mailbox?

Mailboxes can be divided into internal and street. The first ones have a very simple locking mechanism, and street boxes have anti-vandal protection: an overlay made of steel. If you lose the keys to the mailbox, do not break the door. Given that a lot of various protection mechanisms are being used, it is sometimes easier to open the mailbox than it might seem.

There are several situations when it may be necessary to open the mailbox lock:

  • In case of breakage or loss of keys;
  • If the lock is malfunctioned;
  • There was debris in the keyhole, making it difficult to insert the key;
  • If the lock does not open at all.

Professional craftsmen perform an autopsy using a set of specialized tools, while the lock will remain in working condition, and the box will not cause any damage. The canvas of the box is also not affected. You can try to do everything yourself.

How to open the mailbox yourself?

You can perform an autopsy using the available tools.Usually, the locking mechanisms of mailboxes do not differ in any complicated device, they do not have complicated levels of protection, therefore it will be sufficient to perform a number of actions.

You can use a small kitchen knife to move the device's tongue back. You will need to insert the knife blade into the slot that forms between the drawer door and its body, in the area of ​​the locking mechanism.

The master key can serve as a regular hairpin, scissors for manicure or thin wire. One of these objects is inserted into the keyhole, after which you want to turn the mechanism in the direction of opening.

If you are in an apartment building, you can use a fairly simple method - ask your neighbor for a key. Sometimes typical mailboxes are used, so this option may work.

Modern boxes are characterized by fairly good protection, so it’s much more difficult with them. Usually it is a steel case, made of sheets with a thickness of 0.8 mm. The key lock can be of the type: Alex, Cam lock and others. Such boxes began to be installed in new buildings or porches after repairs.In this case, you can use steel wire, which bends like a key. It is required to gently push it into the hole of the lock, and then carefully turn in the direction of opening. Attention should be to the sound of the reaction of the castle. If clicks are heard, then everything is done correctly, and if the response is in the form of silence, then the wire needs to be removed and then re-inserted, shifting it down or up. In half the cases, success can be achieved, even if the hacking skills are completely absent.

Power methods of opening

If all the above methods of opening are not suitable, then you can simply bend the mailbox door using your own brute force. If you make an effort carefully, you can open the box, while the lock and the appearance will not be affected. A set of tools for this is quite simple: a flat screwdriver, a hammer, a small wedge made of wood, a flashlight, and a liquid WD-40. The technique involves the displacement of the bolt without damaging the box.

It is required to put a flat screwdriver in the gap between the door and the body in the place of the crossbar or slightly below. To fix a gap and to fix in it a wedge from a tree. Next, WD-40 liquid moistened the lock.

You need to push the screwdriver next to the wedge, and then light up the gap with a flashlight. It is required to lighten the nut placed on the door from the inside, it is responsible for holding the lock. The flathead screwdriver should be in the area of ​​the nut, and it can be unscrewed with light hammer blows. The lock after its unscrewing should fall out, and this will lead to the opening of the door.

If the gap between the door and the housing is wide, the task is greatly simplified. The bolt can be bent using a screwdriver to open the door. It is not important to bend it down too much, so that later it does not require repair.

Our offer

Given that all of these opening options are simple in terms of implementation in practice, they can destroy not only the lock itself, but also the entire mailbox. That is why it will be more correct to call professional craftsmen who will open the locks in Sergiev Posad. LOCKSERVICE employs masters who will arrive at the site within 15 minutes, completing the full range of services that will be required. If necessary, they will repair or replace the lock. They always carry with them a complete set of necessary parts, spare mechanisms and accessories.Chat with our managers to clarify all the details.

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