How to make yourself work?

Every person living on this planet had such a situation when something had to be done, but he could not force himself to take on this business, which was urgent and important. And, as it follows, because of this, many problems appeared that make you think about how to make yourself work at the right moment?

How to make yourself work - tips

Many cannot bring themselves to go in for sports, do their homework on time, clean up or clean up their own computer system at last, “pass all the tails” to study - we postpone all this until tomorrow. At the same time, we think that tomorrow there will be more free time and we will definitely not be too lazy to do something already abandoned for a long time. Do you recognize yourself? If so, now we will try to explain to you how not to postpone your business for tomorrow.

So, let's try to figure out why we are postponing important things for tomorrow?

We will not go far, let's take for example morning exercises, what is included in it? Warm up, run and shower. Since you need to do exercises in the morning,and we still sleep sweetly in our beds, the first thing that our inner voice tells us is: “I'm too lazy, let's not today?”, and you completely agree with the opinion of your second “I”. The first thought that comes to us: “we must get up early and engage in physical culture” - and whatever one may say, this thought becomes negative. To avoid this, you need to change the negative to positive! I will charge, wash my face, I will be awake in the morning and will not want to sleep! It also sounds much better, doesn't it?

Isn't that beneficial for you? You will increase your mood, drowsiness will disappear and in the end, your immune system will increase significantly! And nobody will dare to do it for you, but on the contrary, everyone will envy your will power. So the first answer to the question of how to make yourself work is to change the negative for a positive!

The first thing you need to learn to do is to learn to “fight” with your laziness.

But it is impossible in this situation to keep only morning exercises in the example, because we are all human, and each has its own important, urgent matters. So, to get yourself to work, you need to remove all that distracts you from achieving your desired goal.The most important “parasites” that stop you all the time before an unimplemented business is the Internet, TV, computer games, etc. - that’s what we are most interested in, what we entertain ourselves in everyday life.

No need to blame the computer and TV for everything, only you are guilty, because you can not break away from your entertainment in time and do useful things. Try yourself and turn off the TV from the network, and you can put a password on the computer, the main thing is that it is not you, but your friend or brother, who puts it so that once again there is no temptation to go online again.

Without these things, it will be much easier for you to start your plans and finally complete them. And even better to follow the example of the old adage: “Do not postpone for tomorrow what you can do today.” So all your business will be done on time, and the problems that might arise because of your laziness and the eternal question of how to make yourself work, just evaporate.

There is another problem - inner fear. Fear that we may not be able to achieve the desired result.

The lack of confidence in our abilities forces us to be extremely careful and indecisive about what we want to do.Because of this, we do not dare to take up the cause, since any failure lowers the bar of our self-esteem, and the thought comes to mind that it is better not to do this yet, that we are not yet ready and postpone the matter again for later.

The easiest way out of this situation is to look at your fear “in the face” and step over it without looking back.

Our fear only warns that our self-esteem is at stake, and if we realize this, it will not be so difficult to step over it. Of course, you can run into problems and failures, you can make a mistake. So what's up with that? There is a risk in any business, but this is not a reason to refuse it!

If you read the article and follow our advice, you will never again ask yourself how to make yourself work. All the best!

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