How to make tincture?

Tinctures are a very ancient group of alcoholic beverages, the origins of which should be sought in ancient China. Other nations later discovered the similar technology of insisting various parts of plants on strong drinks. Nowadays, many countries can boast the presence of their traditional recipes of tinctures.

The name “tincture” unites a group of alcoholic beverages, which are obtained by infusing (hence the name) berries, fruits, seeds, herbs, buds, leaves, roots with various additives on alcohol, usually with a strength up to 45%.

Requirements for the manufacture of tinctures

There are certain patterns of preparation of tinctures:

  1. During the infusion, it is worth as little as possible to uncork a bottle, otherwise you risk spoiling the tincture.
  2. Readiness tinctures can be determined by the uniform color of all components, but not by pop up berries.
  3. For storage, choose a transparent glass container with an airtight lid. If you are still learning how to make tinctures, it is better not to experiment with the storage temperature, start at room temperature.
  4. For your first experiments, choose a neutral-flavored base alcohol - vodka or alcohol. Tinctures on rum, gin, whiskey may seem more interesting to someone, but here you need to skillfully assemble the components so that they complement and do not overwhelm each other.
  5. If you freeze the berries or fruits before use, the tincture will be faster, because in the process of freezing, the cells of the berries are destroyed, which speeds up the transfer of their contents into alcohol.

Preparation of tincture

So, if you decide to figure out how to prepare the tincture, you need to decide on the main stages of the process:

  1. Choosing a recipe: we strongly recommend starting with something simple, then the first experience will not be bitter.
  2. Ratio of proportions: make your calculations based on the following recommendations: the more fruits or berries you put, the brighter and more saturated the final taste. But on the other hand, during the infusion, they will secrete juice, which will reduce the strength of the future tincture. The choice in this situation is yours.
  3. The process of infusion: the essence of the technological process of manufacturing tinctures is that in the process of infusing essential oils,biologically active substances and herbal ingredients go into alcohol. This process is slow and takes an average of 2-5 weeks. After the tincture has taken a uniform shade, it must be filtered through cheesecloth or a fine sieve. The product is ready to eat.

Below are some simple and interesting recipes for making tinctures.

Express tincture "Klyukovka"


  • 300-350 g of fresh cranberries;
  • ½ cup boiling water;
  • 1 cup of sugar;
  • 1 bottle of high-quality vodka (700 ml).


  1. Pour boiling water over cranberries and rub them.
  2. Add vodka to the puree and leave for 1 hour.
  3. Strain the mixture through a sieve or cheesecloth.
  4. Pour in ½ cup of boiling water, stir and leave for a day. If desired, the period of infusion can be extended, then the drink will be more saturated.

Tincture "Hunting"

Main components:

  • vodka - 1 l;
  • juniper berries - 40 g;
  • black ground pepper - 2 g;
  • dill seeds - 50 g;
  • salt - 10 g;
  • horseradish - 40 g


  1. Wash juniper and black pepper well.
  2. Mix all the ingredients with vodka and shake well.
  3. Hide the tincture for 10 days in a dark place.
  4. After this, filter the tincture.

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