How to make the right choice?

Our whole life consists of a series of decisions and consequences that flow from them. Some decisions people make quickly and automatically. Others - those that we consider fateful (where to work, where to go to study, where and with whom to live, etc.) are not easy for us. And sometimes, the inability to make an important decision becomes a brake on further progress. And the question of how to make the right choice arises in all people without exception. So, how to learn to make right decisions efficiently and quickly.

Rules for making the right decision

  1. We need to start with the rejection of the false importance of something. There are some really important things in life. But, unfortunately, people understand this only in critical situations. We very often attach great importance to, in fact, irrelevant things, so to say, “making an elephant from a fly”. And if you are going to make a "difficult" decision, then consider whether it really is fateful, as it seems to you at first glance.
  2. You should define your values ​​and priorities, that is, determine what is really important for you in life.And, making an important decision, be sure to verify it with your values, and if the result of your decision does not coincide with what is really important to you, then it is best to refuse this option. Since if you see clear benefits in your decision in the near future, in the future it will only harm you.
  3. In deciding how to make the right choice, one rule helps: who owns the information, he owns the world. It is much easier to make the right decision if you have the maximum of the necessary information. Try to get the facts that are directly and indirectly related to the situation. By the way, one of the options for explaining the phenomenon of intuition is considered to be the assumption that this phenomenon is not an external, but a subconscious choice, taking into account many different facts that are relevant to this issue.
  4. Structure the information. Try to clearly identify all possible scenarios, evaluate their disadvantages and advantages. Do not be lazy to sit down and write all the options on paper - it will be much easier for your consciousness to make a decision based on structured information.
  5. The main problem in making very important decisions is fear: “what will happen if I make the wrong decision.” Fear will exist as long as all the information in your head is not ordered. People are afraid of the unknown, and therefore emotions are very difficult to rationally analyze the situation and choose the best option. Therefore, if you feel that you are scared, immediately review the previous two points (collection of information, and its structuring).
  6. If the analysis of the information did not help you, then listen to the voice of your intuition: relax, close your eyes and mentally scroll through the consequences of each of the options in your head - live through these potentially possible circumstances and choose which option you think is the most correct.
  7. In no case do not make a decision in a stressful state, be it irritation, anger or, on the contrary, a joyful ascent. Strong emotions are a very bad adviser.
  8. Advise, but make your own decisions better. You can ask your girlfriend for advice to make the right choice, or your loved ones, because they know you better than anyone. But rememberthat we are responsible for any decision made, and we have to live with the consequences of the choices made, so we don’t need to put the responsibility for the chosen decision on other people's shoulders.

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