How to make gifts?

The ability to give a gift is quite rare, contrary to popular belief. Many people give a gift to themselves rather, for example, original gifts - a tin lamp, a fair plaster figurine will suit only amateur collectors. Otherwise, such gifts will not please the birthday man or hero of the day.

There are a number of gifts that are not worth giving to some people. For example, a woman should not give a man a tie, in which case it is rarely possible to please. In the same way, a man will not be able to guess the appropriate color of lipstick. It is advisable not to give cosmetics at all, and to resort to such gifts only in the case of a loved one whose tastes you probably know. Of course, there are a number of universal tips on how to make gifts correctly. First you need to decide on the type of gift, and then choose the original festive packaging.

Gift Choice

  • There are a number of official gifts that are good in almost every setting - these are flowers, in a bouquet or in a basket, a book edition, artistically decorated, a bottle of good wine, crystal, and sweets in a festive box.
  • For more familiar acquaintances, it would be appropriate to donate items of clothing such as a bag, belt, scarf, gloves, sunglasses, and kerchief. Clothes can be given only to friends, and such gifts can be made only knowing the size of the person receiving the gift.
  • Almost all gastronomical gifts are suitable, for example, cake, coffee, good-quality tea, chocolate, fruit. It is better to give such gifts, based not on personal preferences, but on the basis of average recommendations.
  • Also, a universal gift is jewelry, both natural and artificial. It can be bracelets, brooches, cufflinks, necklaces, watches. It is desirable that the decorations were classical or in the style that this person probably prefers.
  • Also useful are gifts for everyday life and other needs, for example, a kettle with a whistle, a tablecloth with napkins, a travel iron, a nightlight, a beautiful shopping bag.
  • You can give a variety of equipment, preferably small dimensions. In this case, this unit must have useful, or just original features. This may be the original card reader, tablet or camera.

DIY gift

But more will be received by many from a gift made on their own. It will be most pleasant to the close person. After all, it is more interesting to give original gifts in spite of how often we do it. It is not so difficult to make gifts with your own hands, for this you will not need a large number of special tools.

  • A loved one will be pleased to receive a personal romantic gift, for example, a photo frame with your photo together. It is better to take a ready-made simple photo frame as a basis for the frame, although you can make it yourself. To do this, pick up a dense material. After, the frame must be decorated with beads, sequins, patches of cloth, coffee beans, small shells or starfish, artificial petals. To fix the decor on the frame, you can use glue. You can make the side of the frame also the inscription "I love." Making gifts of this kind can, of course, be close.
  • If you can draw or knit, then the choice of gift is obvious. You can draw a picture or tie a warm and beautiful scarf.
  • An original gift can be made to a woman in the form of a homemade flower vase.An elegant vase is obtained from a glass bottle with a long narrow neck. Also need a harness and glue. It is necessary to secure the cord at the base of the bottle and wrap it as tightly as possible. In such a vase, noble flowers, such as roses or gerberas, will look good. If you want to make a vase for field flowers, then you can take a plastic bottle. Trim it and wrap it with a cloth, securing the fabric in the middle with coarse decorative threads. They are better to tie a large bow.
  • You can also make an original bouquet of sweets. Before you make gifts from chocolates, you need to choose sweets to taste. After that, you need to cut out small pieces of paper from the wrapping paper, repeating in shape the rose petals. Each of them must be rolled into small bags and secured with a small piece of adhesive tape. Then you need to take a skewer, stick it into a round candy and put on a petal. It turns out the flower. The number of such flowers depends only on the future size of the bouquet. After all the flowers are ready, make a round bouquet and fasten it with bright colored adhesive tape.

Further, after choosing a gift, it should be beautifully decorated.You can simply pack a gift in gift paper and decorate with a bow and ribbon. But the packing of the pyramid will be more interesting. To do this, you need thick colored paper, scissors, a ruler, a ribbon and a simple pencil. On colored paper, redraw the sketch of the unfolded pyramid. It looks like a pentagon with outgoing rays. You need to make small holes through which you need to pass the tape. Put a gift in the pyramid before tying the ribbon.

You can wrap the gift with a cloth. Fabrics for packaging items in Japan are called furosiki. Its size is from 45 to 230 cm. They usually have a square shape. Take your favorite square-shaped fabric and pack your gift with any combination of wrapping fabric.

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