How to make gabions with your own hands? Detailed description

Private household is not onlyeconomic buildings, but also the adjacent territory. Its arrangement is an important issue facing the owners. The solution to this problem will be an environmentally friendly, affordable and relatively inexpensive way to design the site - gabions, made with their own hands of available materials. Due to the fact that these structures are simple to carry out and are able to solve a lot of arising problems of a private homeowner, they are very popular.

We make gabions with our own hands. Simple solution of the arrangement of the house territory

Garden and garden - is, beforein total, green spaces. Trees, bushes and flower beds are placed in a certain order. For their location, there are special rules. A modern garden is inconceivable without special constructions - gabions, which together with green plantings are a single whole.

Gabions with their own handsAll sorts of fences, small bizarreforms, benches, as well as small reservoirs - this is not a complete list of structures that are built on private plots, which are based on reticulated baskets.

What is a gabion?

The main condition of construction on the plots isSimplicity of performance of work and availability of materials. Making gabions by oneself is a process that meets these requirements. And the opportunity with their help to solve many tasks of improvement makes them universal.Making gabions with your own handsGabion - a large metal cage,made of twisted wire. This construction is easy to manufacture and install anywhere in the site. And, most importantly, such a mesh "basket" will be cheap and reliable in operation. Its long-term use does not require additional special care.

We make gabions with our own hands. Necessary materials

Before you purchase the blanks fordesign, determine its functions. Depending on the operating conditions of the created form, the choice of the material intended for its construction is planned. Also, it is necessary to accurately determine the size and location of the future design, which will facilitate the acquisition of necessary blanks. Massive structures, such as retaining walls or terraces, will require the use of stronger materials than simple and light decorative forms.

Mesh for gabions

Gabion's own hands are made ofmetal mesh. Various designs are made in the form of boxes equipped with a top opening lid. The inner part of the metal container is filled with a massive and heavy filler. Strength and anti-corrosion properties should have a grid for gabions. It's quite difficult to make it with your own hands. Therefore, most often get galvanized wire mesh with anti-corrosion coating. In addition to it, a 3 mm galvanized flexible wire is required for fixing. Rigidity of the fins of the box is provided by eight-millimeter reinforcing bars. Fill designs with stones of any shape and size. Most often, rubble or broken brick is used.

Features of installation of a box

Gabion's own hands are easy to assemble. The construction of the construction begins with the assembly of the box. Depending on the type of gabion, a skeleton is formed. On the workpiece carefully level all the existing irregularities and form a box. Using the wire, connect the side parts of the structure. Place, designed to install the box, should be leveled. Under the gabion is not required a special foundation.How to make gabions with your own handsThe form placed on the site is fixedmetal fastening rods, which are installed at the corners of the structure. Then it is filled in a few steps with a stone. It must have the necessary strength, frost and water resistance. First fill one third of the box. Produce a horizontal fixation wire. Then fill the rest of the gabion. Thus, the entire metal container is filled. In this case, we should not forget that the filler should be packed in fairly dense layers. Fix the cover of the box first in the corners, and then along the entire length of the container. The design is ready.

Variety of forms

Quite often on the backyard and suburban areasthey install gabions with their own hands. The most common and quite popular are box-shaped types of designs, the hallmark of which will be a wide range of sizes. Strictly observed is the ratio of the length and width of the reticulated metal container, which is one to two. Rectangular containers serve as the foundation for small structures. They are also often used as retaining walls. Such a box is considered the basis for other variations of gabions.Gabions with their own hands

The reliability of fastening is characterized by low boxeswith a diaphragm. This kind of mesh containers inside is divided into small sections. Such a design reliably fixes the filler inside the container, which allows it to be used as a foundation for all sorts of economic structures.

The cylindrical gabions look quite impressive. Light structures with a small size of cells, in the form of columns, fill with a smaller filler.

On the gentle slopes for fixing the soil used gabion-mattresses. The stability of this variety of metal construction is provided by a small height and the use of more durable materials.

Application of gabions

Fence from Gabions own hands

When settling summer cottages or territories,adjacent to private households, there is always a need for the construction of all kinds of structures and forms. Before making gabions with their own hands, they plan all necessary facilities on the site. They are different in purpose. First of all, begin with the fencing of the sites. The fence made of gabions, built with its own hands, is an excellent solution. It will be an excellent alternative to the usual fencing structures. This option is not only high protection from noise and originality of design, but also availability, ease of installation. Addition to the fence will be mesh boxes used as a gate or garden gate. Fine structures of hedges and zonal fences are beautiful.

Magnificent decorative forms will be a decorationgarden. Do not do without gabions when creating an artificial reservoir or pool. The implementation of terraces and retaining walls, steps, small foundations for luminaries and garden flower pots is far from a complete list of the use of metal containers filled. The advantage of such designs is the possibility of using them in combination with engineering systems. This will allow to build a fountain or a summer shower on the plot.

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