How to make fireworks in Meincraft?

"Minecraft" is a huge collectiona variety of recipes, through which you can create the most unexpected things. For example, if the New Year is approaching, you can think about how to bring a New Year mood to the game. It is very easy to do this, because there are a variety of toys and decorations that will make the game world brighter. But at the same time it's worth paying special attention to the fireworks in Maynkraft, since it can offer you something incredible - a real heavenly show. And the conductor in this show will be you, since you get complete control over what patterns will appear in the night sky.

Fireworks, salutes, rockets

fireworks in maynkraft

Everyone can launch fireworks in"Maincrafter", since it does not require certain skills. You just need to take this item in your hand and click on the right mouse button. Officially it is called a rocket, but still users are accustomed to calling it a firework or cracker, as is customary in real life. However, if you want to make fireworks at Meincraft, then you will have to learn a fairly large number of subtleties.

Craft rockets

kraft fireworks in maynkraft

First of all, you need to start makingthe very shell of the rocket. To begin with, we'll look at the basic recipe for preparing fireworks in Maynkraft. To do this you will need gunpowder, paper and an asterisk, which will be discussed later. It is worth noting that already at this stage you can start experimenting and bring individuality to your fireworks display. You can add from one to three blocks of gunpowder, which will affect the height of the missile's flight, as well as the duration of its operation. If in the recipe there is one block of gunpowder, then the explosion will last one second, and if three, then three seconds. But keep in mind that you can still fill empty cells with asterisks to vary the color, so distribute the materials as you want. It is necessary that it was longer and higher - use more gunpowder, and if you want brighter, then add more stars. By the way, asterisks can be excluded from the recipe altogether, but then the rocket will simply fly to the sky, and the explosion will not happen. That's how the craft of fireworks takes place in Meincraft. And now it's time to figure out what kind of starlet you've added to the workbench cells.

Asterisk as a key component of fireworks

how to make fireworks in mayncecraft

An asterisk is the main charge that carriesimagine a fireworks display. If you want to learn about how to make fireworks in "Maynkraft", then without knowledge of an asterisk you can not do. Craft it is very simple - to the block of gunpowder dyes are added, they determine what color the spark will have in the explosion of fireworks. But do not dwell exclusively on this, because you will have the opportunity of secondary crafting. However, this time you can set the color transfusion, that is, the red color can change to yellow or blue. To do this, you need to craft the finished star with another dye. It turns out a fairly large variety of effects that you can add. But with this color and transfusion - this is not all that you can bring to the fireworks in the Meincraft. The recipe can vary even more thanks to the modifiers that will make your salute really unique.

Asterisk modification

fireworks in mainflow recipe

When crafting an asterisk, do not use all cellsunder dyes - leave one or two empty, because you have the opportunity to modify your fireworks. First of all you should consider a couple of effects that you can add. If the recipe includes light, you will get a spectacular visual cracking effect. If, instead of lightning, a diamond is used, the explosion of fireworks will not disappear instantly from the sky, but leave a trace behind. Naturally, you can combine these two effects, but do not forget that the number of cells in the craft of the star is limited, and you still have the opportunity to change the shape of the explosion itself to make it even more spectacular.

Different forms of fireworks

You already know how to craft a missile, add toher star, change and diversify colors and even improve the salute with visual effects. It remains to consider the last point - the form that your explosion will take. If you do not use any of these modifiers, then your explosion will have a standard round shape. But if instead of one of the dyes you put a pen, then the picture of the salute in the sky will be asymmetrical. A golden nugget in a recipe turns an explosion into several beautiful stars, and a fireball - into a huge circle. But the most interesting is the addition of the mob's head to your fireworks display. If you do this, then the salute will look like the head of a creeper. You can make it multicolored and iridescent, or you can add naturalness and use only the green dye. It goes without saying that, unlike visual effects, you can use only one ingredient to change the shape of the explosion.

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