How to make a link in contact?

Dmitry Chepcheruk
Dmitry Chepcheruk
July 27, 2012
How to make a link in contact?

Many users of the site "Vkontakte" noticed interesting links in various posts and comments. The site allows you to publish links of various types for different pages. So how to make a link in the contact? What kind of they are? About the principles of recording and tools for working with links now will be discussed.

The easiest way to link to Vkontakte is simply to copy it into the test field. If you insert such a link in the comment field, the system will create a thumbnail of the page with a description, to which your link leads. If you insert a link into a note or a caption under a photo or video, then it will simply become active and anyone can follow it.

Record external links

The way external links are recorded is slightly different from the internal ones. Consider external links. As already mentioned, you can simply paste the link into the text, but you can give it a more visual appearance. Replacing a link with a word or a whole phrase is a snap.To do this, write the following form (example): [| Educational site about everything]. We see that the entry is made in square brackets. Inside the line before the line is written the link, after the line - the phrase that will be displayed instead of the link.

The link can be replaced not only with text, but also with a picture. Each Vkontakte image has the following name format: photo-xxxxxx_xxxxxx, where x is a number. You can get it by right-clicking on the image through the menu item "copy the link to the image." So, the link entry form through the picture is as follows: photo-xxxxxxx_xxxxxxx | 45px | http: // 45 is the size of the image. You can specify an arbitrary value that will fit your conditions.

Short links

The system also has the ability to create short links to the internal resources of the site. Their recording form is as follows:

  • Link to user profile idхххх | First Name Last Name;
  • to group clubхххх | group name;
  • for discussion topichhhh | Topic Title;
  • on the app appxxxx;
  • on the picture photo-хххх_ххххх;
  • on the user through the image photo-хххх_хххх | idхххх;
  • on the group through the image photo-хххх_хххх | clubхххх;
  • on video video-xxxx_xxxx.

Recording anchors

Also on the website "Vkontakte" you can use anchors to quickly jump to various items within the page. To do this, make the following entry: # The title of the title on the page | Link Text. For the anchor to work correctly, the page must contain the title specified in the anchor text.

Anchor can work not only within one page. The form for installing an anchor on an external page is as follows: Page title # Title on page | Link text.

Knowing how to make a link in a contact, you can create beautiful and pleasant to read entries.

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