How to make a home network?

Olga Lysenko
Olga Lysenko
January 15, 2013
How to make a home network?

The presence of several computers in the family leads to the need to connect them to one local network. This is due to the fact that networking allows you to significantly simplify working with the files of one computer on another, and also allows you to access all computers connected to the network on the Internet.

How to make a home network convenient and practical to use:

  1. Define the purpose of the network.
  2. Determine the type of network you need (wired or wireless), depending on the capabilities of your home computers.
  3. Choose a routing device for convenient network use.
  4. Make network connection settings.

Creating a home network

So, after choosing a router, you need to connect to it all the necessary computers. For this purpose, special cable or wireless WiFi network is used. When the connection is made, you need to specify in the name of the network a common name (home network or workgroup), then restart the computers and wait for the definition of computers on the network. This is the easiest option.

How to make WiFi home network safe and convenient to use:

  1. When creating a WiFi connection, you must specify a password.
  2. When connecting computers to the network, specify a password and the same workgroup.
  3. A password can be created in several ways (a set of numbers and symbols or a generated key that is written to a floppy disk or flash drive).

When setting up a router, in most cases, it is set to "Obtain an IP address automatically", however, sometimes you can also manually register for each computer. To do this, each computer must assign its address by changing the last digit. When creating a home network, you can specify Internet access options for other users. Creating a wireless network allows you to ensure not only the joint operation of all computers, but also their access to the Internet from anywhere in the network. This allows mobility of the network access application and eliminates the need for multiple network cabling.

Features of creating a network connection in Windows 7

If you need to make your home network in Windows 7, you should determine for yourself what you need to get from such a network:

  • shared internet access
  • or shared Internet access and the ability to work with information between computers on a network.

If you choose the first option, then in the W7 settings you need to specify a home network, then all computers will have access to the Internet, but will not be visible to each other. If you choose the second option, then you must specify "Enterprise Network", then the computers will have general access to the Internet and will be visible to each other.

In this way, you can create a home network by combining into it all the computers in the house. Enjoy all the convenience of this functionality, which will save you a lot of time for carrying out certain manipulations.

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