How to make a face more beautiful?

The first thing that people pay when they meet a woman is, of course, the face. And the first impression will be based on how a person looks externally. Therefore, it is very important that the face is fresh, healthy and beautiful. If some component is not enough, it is quite possible to fix it! How to make a face more beautiful? We will try to answer this question.

Secrets of rejuvenation in a healthy lifestyle

If you want young people to have your face for many years to come, then care here, in the first place, is needed not only for the person himself, but for the whole organism. Let us explain why.

Suppose you have eaten fatty foods, and within a couple of hours some of this fat will certainly appear on the hair, as well as in individual areas of the skin. This is because fat from the intestines is absorbed into the bloodstream and spreads throughout the body through the bloodstream. And after some time, every cell in your body will absorb its portion of fat. Do you think the face will still remain young and beautiful,if the whole body tends to aging? Of course not! And here it will be pointless to smear the skin with various anti-aging creams, since there will be no effect. Therefore, in order to preserve a beautiful complexion for a long time, you need to seriously engage in the rejuvenation of your entire body.

Proper skin care

A little about the structure of your face: the so-called epidermis is located behind the surface of the skin, further under it there are even deeper layers - the dermis, and even deeper - the muscles of the face. If the latter lose their tone and become flabby, respectively, the face loses its beauty. To prevent this from happening, and the beautiful skin of the face is always pleasing to the eye, begin to improve skin elasticity, as well as strengthen the subcutaneous muscles of the face. You can train them the same way as any other muscles with the help of special exercises. Here are some useful exercises:

  • retract your cheeks, tighten your neck muscles, then tighten your muscles that stretch your face from nose to temples, and so on;
  • Try an exercise related to training the muscles that lift the corners of the mouth. They should be strained with considerable effort, so that over time they become more elastic and strong. To train like this twice a week will be quite enough.Do them from time to time, and the effect will not slow down to appear.

Massage as one of the methods of facial skin care

Beautiful faces of women will remain so long if you seriously think about massage, because it is one of the most effective ways to heal and rejuvenate the body. With it, you will improve the exchange processes in the massaged tissues and achieve enhanced blood circulation, including the influx of fresh blood, saturated with oxygen.

How to do a facial massage? The direction of movement should go from the chin to the temples, from the nose to the temples, as well as from the middle of the forehead. Facial massage is done by courses - ten days of massage and thirty rest. Please note that if the skin is stretched quite strongly, it is possible to achieve a significant flow of blood to the face, but at the same time, excessive intense movements stretch and damage the skin. Therefore, when massaging the face, look for a middle ground. If you want to remove the "bags" under the eyes, you can perform light strokes with the pads of the fingers under the eyes.

Beautiful makeup - beautiful face

Beautiful female faces appear due to the correct use of cosmetics.With the help of cosmetics, you can hide all your defects and focus on the merits. We will reveal to you a few secrets of beautiful makeup.

Makeup should be applied only to a clean face. Wash with a cleanser or treat your face with a special lotion, tonic or milk. Apply makeup only in bright light to make-up look natural. And take your time, otherwise the face will look untidy. You will have a very beautiful face, if you apply the following sequence when applying cosmetics:

  • creating a foundation with foundation or powder;
  • tint eyebrows with a pencil, if necessary;
  • comb your eyebrows with a special brush, so they will look much neater. To give the eyebrows the perfect shape, you need to periodically make them correct, removing excess hair;
  • The next stage is eye painting. Observe the following sequence: eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara;
  • choose brighter colors to make your eyes accent;
  • eyes can be drawn with a liquid eyeliner or pencil. The first one is much more complicated, so preliminary training is needed;
  • The latest applied mascara. It can be applied in one layer, but to create more saturation, apply two layers of mascara;
  • now proceed to rouge. If you have light skin - use light pink shades, dark-skinned girls are more beige tones;
  • The final touch in creating a beautiful face is lipstick. If you are going to an evening event, use bright shades, and for everyday work, use light lipstick or lip gloss.

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