How to lose 10 kg per month? How to lose weight: tips

Often, women and girls are faced with such a problem as overweight. And this phenomenon is quite normal, if you do not follow your diet and diet for a long time. Sooner or later, you still stand on the scales and see the result of frequent overeating and the wrong mode. Therefore, if the jeans suddenly stopped fastening, and you need to urgently find out how to lose 10 kg in a month, you definitely came to the right place! In this article you will find a description of four different effective ways that will help to lose weight and regain ease.

Method one: lose weight in a week. Mediterranean menu

According to the latest world statistics, in such countries as Greece, Italy and Spain live the healthiest people. Naturally, the reason for this is their healthy lifestyle, in particular proper nutrition. A variety of vegetables, fruits, fresh dairy products, fish, olive oil - something like the usual diet of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean basin.From this came the so-called Mediterranean diet, which will help you find out whether you can lose weight in a month and by how many kilograms.

How to lose 10 kg per month

The Mediterranean diet has its own principles. First, in every meal you should eat something protein, the best seafood. The total amount of protein should be 2 grams per 1 kilogram of weight. Secondly, try to eat more fruits and vegetables in raw form, namely: 5 times a day, 100-200 grams. Such a rich concentration of simple but beneficial carbohydrates will not only help you to tidy up, but also improve your health, because scientists have long proven that fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of certain cancers. Thirdly, all semi-finished products are forbidden, try to always prepare food yourself and only from natural products. And, finally, you need to eat five times a day in small portions. Now you know one effective way to lose weight. Reviews of the Mediterranean diet are usually positive, so do not be afraid and feel free to start changing your life for the better!

Method Two: sports diet

How to lose weight fast? How to lose 10 kg per month? The answer is very simple - eat less and move more. In fact, this is the whole secret of losing weight.You only have to consume less calories and spend more. And this will help you to sport. One of the mandatory rules of the sports diet is to drink from two liters of water per day. This will speed up your metabolism, and therefore will contribute to the rapid weight loss. The second rule is protein. For a good state of health during a sports diet you need a lot of protein, it is also necessary for the rapid formation of muscle mass.

Diet for a month 10 kg

Your diet should look like this: 50% - carbohydrates, 30% - fats, 20% - proteins. For breakfast, you can eat cereal (muesli), fruit and drink a glass of milk. For lunch - chicken breast with steamed vegetables. For dinner, you can eat 200 grams of cottage cheese or drink a glass of natural kefir. Also allowed two snacks, during which you can drink low-calorie yogurt or protein shake.

Training during a sports diet

Surely many will have a question about training. The frequency of training during a sports diet, as well as their duration, depends on your desire and endurance. It is recommended to play sports from three times a week for at least 20 minutes. Your workout should consist of warm-ups, cardiovascular exercises, strength exercises, stretching exercises and a hitch.Try to work out all the muscle groups, and if you have problem areas, concentrate more on them.

The third way: the diet "1000 calories", also known as a diet "minus 10"

Most likely, you already understand the basic principle of this diet. Every day you will need to eat food at 1000 calories. Everything looks very simple, but in fact there are a few little things that can not be mentioned. For example, 1000 kilocalories is contained in one huge pizza, but if you eat every day on such a dish, you will not only lose weight, but also greatly harm your own body. So learn to choose the right products. Better at the time of the diet to abandon the fried, sweet and flour. No buns, chocolates, potatoes, especially no chips and fast food, only fresh, natural and preferably low-calorie foods. Such a diet is an excellent diet for a month, 10 kg will leave without a trace.

How to lose weight reviews

Also not recommended during the diet to engage in sports that require high energy costs. Since you use a small amount of calories, you will not have energy for heavy loads, so for some time, refrain from playing sports.

Minus 10 kg per month with such a diet you are exactly provided!

Method Four: Vegetable Diet

Vegetable diet - this is really a pleasant and useful way to lose weight. No one can refuse fresh salad or delicious pumpkin soup. From vegetables you can make a huge amount of excellent simple dishes, which is why the diet is rapidly gaining popularity. Losing weight quickly, tasty and without harm to health is possible, this is not fiction, see for yourself and learn how to lose 10 kg per month! To begin to highlight the advantages of a vegetable diet.

Diet minus 10

The benefits of a vegetable diet

For a very long time, you can list the benefits of a vegetable diet, as there are a lot of them. First, you significantly strengthen your immunity due to the fact that for some time you forget about convenience foods, fast food, canned food and other junk food, and also consume a large amount of useful vitamins that are found in vegetables. And as we all know, disease prevention is their best treatment.

The second advantage of the diet is to improve well-being and mood. You absolutely do not need to starve yourself or severely restrict, vegetable dishes are very nutritious, and cooking them rarely takes a long time. You may not even feel a change in diet.

The third advantage is the quick result. No other food systems will not give such quick results as a vegetable diet. For weight loss, it is indispensable! You immediately see the fruits of your efforts, and this, accordingly, pleases you and gives you motivation for further self-improvement. Vegetable diet - a good diet for a month, 10 kg of excess weight will no longer bother you.

Lose weight in a week, Mediterranean menu

Vegetable diet menu, of course, make up vegetables, but you need to choose them carefully. A prerequisite is quality, they must be fresh and natural. Try to always treat food choices responsibly, because your health depends on it.

Every day you will need to eat 1-1.5 kg of various vegetables. These can be cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, cabbage, radishes, greens and so on. But it is not recommended to eat potatoes, carrots or pumpkins in the afternoon, as these products have a high glycemic index. Also do not forget to drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day.

Vegetable diet recipe: vegetable soup

One of the biggest misconceptions losing weight is that it is impossible to lose weight tasty. But this is absolutely not the case.There are many great recipes, such as plain vegetable soup. For its preparation you will need:

- Meat broth.

- Potatoes (2-3 medium sized tubers).

- Onions (1 pc.).

- Carrots (1 pc.).

- Canned peas (1 can).

- Bulgarian pepper (1 pc.).

- Tomatoes (3 pcs.).

- Salt, pepper (to taste).

Minus 10 kg per month

Before boiling the broth, chop the carrots and onions finely, and then fry them in a pan. When the broth is ready, you can dice the rest of the vegetables and add all the ingredients to the pan (the peas are added at the end of cooking). The soup will turn out delicious, healthy, and most importantly - dietary.

Method Five: salt-free diet

Minus 10 kg per month? Easily! Just stop salting much food. Salt retains water in the body, and its excessive use is the cause of many cardiovascular diseases, as well as metabolic disorders.

But a salt-free diet does not mean completely abandoning the salt that the body needs to regulate the rate of calcium. All you have to do is eat 5 times a day, salt food only when necessary and in very small quantities, in addition, drink from two liters of water per day to speed up the metabolism and well-being.

Over time, you will develop new eating habits, and the need for salt will no longer be felt so strongly by you. The diet is based primarily on fractional nutrition, it will also teach you to follow portions and not to overeat.

Lose weight right!

can I lose weight in a month

Now you know how to lose 10 kg per month. Our advice will surely help you become slim once and for all. Choosing one of the ways, do not forget that each diet has its limitations. Therefore, before you fundamentally change the image of nutrition, be sure to consult with a specialist. Be healthy, happy and never forget to follow your figure!

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