How to link sledki?

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How to link sledki?

Sledki - soft light socks, in which it is very convenient to walk around the house during the cold winter season. At the same time, footprints can always be tied up by hand, combining multi-colored threads to your own taste. Sledki can be knit, crochet or, for example, on a knitting machine. In this case, it is recommended to choose the yarn more tightly, so that the product will retain its presentable appearance for a long time.

How to tie knitting needles?

  1. For starters we collect loops. To knit socks or slippers for an adult, you need to dial 44-45 loops. For the children, 37 loops will be enough. In many ways, the number of loops depends on the size of the legs and the type of yarn used. It is also recommended to recruit an odd number of loops.
  2. Knit several rows of garter stitch. If you tie 15-20 rows, you can get the original lapel boots. For children's marks, you can additionally insert a rubber band so that the slippers fit the leg tightly and do not slide off.
  3. When the base of the tracks is ready, we divide the loops on the needles in half, and leave the middle loop in the middle.Next, continue to knit garter stitch. Before the middle loop do a cape, then knit a loop and again make a cape. Thus, you should knit several rows - as a result, you will have a depth slipper, which can be measured on the foot during the mating process.
  4. Next, knit sole. To do this, we finish the end of the row and, where the middle line goes, knit 11 loops. From the first knitting needle, we knit five loops, after which we knit another five loops with another. We knit the eleventh loop with the loop of the side row.
  5. Turning knitting upside down, we begin to knit with purl loops, knitting loops from the side rows. We knit until loop on the sole remains on the needle.
  6. Next, knit the back of the sledka. To do this, we knit together loops from the side rows.

The first trail is ready. It remains to tie him a pair, and you will get warm winter slippers. For beauty, you can attach pompons or other decorative ornaments to the tracks.

Read more about how to knit needles, see our article - How to knit needles.

How to crochet socks?

Knit soles or slippers crochet better with columns without nakida.

  1. To begin with we collect 20 air loops and one loop for lifting.socks
  2. Next, we knit five or six rows in a spiral, while doing two additions in each row, that is, tying two columns into one loop of the previous row.
  3. After that, we knit a spike sock, for which we do 20-25 rows without adding.
  4. Next, we knit the back of the sledka, for which we retreat two or three loops from the beginning of the row and knit to the end of the row, on the other hand also leaving a pair of loops. Thus, you should tie the heel of the desired length.
  5. At the end of the row we knit the side loop together with the last loop of the row, after which the knitting is overturned and knit until the side loops run out.
  6. We tied the side of the spider with several rows of single crochets.

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