How to learn OKPO?

Irina Fateeva
Irina Fateeva
March 7, 2013
How to learn OKPO?

Quite often, in the preparation of tax and accounting reports, the introduction of the organization’s OKPO code is required. How to recognize him?

The abbreviation itself means the All-Russian Classifier of Organizations and Enterprises. You can find this code in a specialized extract from the statistics register maintained by the Federal Statistical Service.

Thus, if you want to know the number of OKPO, then you need to contact the statistics service. However, they provide OKPO numbers only after you provide them with the TIN and OGRN of your company.

If you don’t want to go anywhere, then there is an OKPO online guide for you - the website. As well as in the federal statistics bodies, having submitted information about the company, you can get the OKPO number. This method is much more convenient and mobile, however, it is not always reliable. Still, at a personal reception at the Federal Statistical Service, you can learn much more. Do not be lazy and ask for information there.

Thus, it is very simple to understand how to recognize OKPO enterprises, because there are only two ways to do this.

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