How to knit by car?

So, there was a long-awaited purchase of a knitting machine. However, it’s quite difficult to figure out how to knit with a machine. Today there are many knitting machines, each of which has its own advantages and features.

How to start work?

If you decide to figure out how to learn to knit on the machine, then you need to understand that in any kind of work you must follow certain rules. Before you start working with the machine, you must read the instructions for it. First you need to understand what functions can perform knitting machine.

After studying the functions of the machine, it is recommended to proceed to the selection of yarn. Skilled craftswomen advise to study the class of the machine, and then select the appropriate thread.

Thread selection

So, the allowable density of the thread is determined by the class of the machine. So, cars of 3, 5, 7 classes are distinguished. Each class of machines has its own number of needles, and the density of the thread depends on it.

The third class is equipped with needles in the amount of 120-150 needles. On this equipment you can use large yarn.The fifth class has 180-200 needles. In this case, the use of an average type of yarn is allowed. The seventh class of machines is equipped with 250 needles. For such machines, you can only use thin yarn.


Naturally, for the first time in an inexperienced knitter to create a quality product will not work. At first, you just need to learn how to handle the machine, and then gradually approach the crucial moment, for which everything was started: how to knit with the machine. To do this, you need to take a small thread that matches the class of the machine. It is desirable to take the thread in light shades so that it can be better seen in the process of work.

For the first time working on the machine, you need to take a yarn consisting of one thread. If you work with several thin threads at the same time, then you cannot avoid entanglement and stratification. Ideal parameters for a yarn which can be used for the first time during the work with absolutely any brand of the car: 500-350 m. On 100 grams. Threads can be purchased at any handicraft store, you just need to tell the seller the necessary parameters.

Winder and needle bar

To work with the machine will need a manual winder.It is necessary in order to rewind hanks before starting work. With its help, the coil acquires a cylindrical shape, and this greatly facilitates the moment of threading the thread in the machine. Also, the winder will allow the yarn to be fed into the machine without hooks and knots.

Further in work, you need to pay maximum attention to the needle bed, as well as the carriage (the movable part of the machine). To see where these parts are located, it is necessary at the first stage, at the beginning of the work with the machine manual.

Initial exercises

Starting to knit on the machine is better with elementary exercises. One such exercise is a set of loops on the machine needles. After this exercise is mastered, you can move on to other more complex ones. For example, you can begin to use different variants of weaves. Then you can move on to more complex work options, namely, try to do the following manipulations:

  • add one loop in the direction of the carriage;
  • move the loops to make a knit;
  • secure the hinges.

Making the first product

After the basic techniques of work on the machine are mastered, you can proceed to the manufacture of the first product.A product model is suitable, for creating which you need to use one type of thread and the same pattern. It is worth paying attention to the patterns. For beginners it is recommended to take models already with ready-made patterns, then mistakes can be avoided.

As a rule, if the pattern is taken from a popular magazine or book, then the full instruction, which contains step-by-step actions for creating a specific model, is described there.

Common mistakes


When the model of the future product is chosen, it is necessary to consider carefully all the patterns that will have to be implemented. These patterns need to create on a typewriter in the form of a sample. Samples are necessary in order to avoid errors in length and width. Using samples, you can calculate how many loops you need to make in order to achieve the desired parameters. Do not try to neglect this stage of work, since the width of the loops on the needles will be completely different, which means that errors cannot be avoided in this case.

It so happens that the result is not at all like. For example, the product does not sit at the waist. Then it is better to dissolve what happened. Dissolve usually products using a special winder.

Making mistakes at the beginning of learning knitting is natural. Therefore, if something does not work, do not despair. In order to understand how to knit on a knitting machine, you can ask for help from skilled workers on special forums or purchase video tutorials for beginners.

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