How to knit a hat?

Any product made by hand, valued much more expensive than any purchased equivalent. Independently knit cap can any novice needlewoman. It is necessary to have patience, stock up on all the necessary materials and tools, and then proceed to hard, but at the same time fascinating work.

How to knit a hat with needles?

You will need

  • Spokes number 4;
  • Yarn (100 g);
  • A needle with a wide eye.

A hat can be knitted for both her beloved husband and for children.

How to knit a hat with needles for an adult?

  1. First, dial 98 loops. In this case, one loop at each edge should be edge. This option assume knitting 3x3 with alternation of three front and three purl loops. Alternation should continue until the canvas is 13 cm in height.
  2. Then begin to reduce the loop, thereby adjusting the size of the cap to the diameter of the head. In order to maintain symmetry, mark every twelfth loop in the last row with a colored thread, starting with the sixth. After that, every twelfth loop knit together with the previous one.Ten such series should be reduced.
  3. After this, knit two loops together in the front row. As a result, the needles should remain ten loops that need to pull. To do this, thread the end of the thread you are knitting. The same thread will be made connecting the seam, so its free end should be long enough.
  4. To make a connecting seam, a thread needs to be threaded into a needle with a wide eyelet and, having aligned the edges of the web, sew a hat.

You can find more useful information on how to tie a hat in our article - How to tie a hat.

How to knit a baby hat with needles?

The same interesting headdress can be knitted for a child. Day start can be connected to a test sample of 20 loops in 20 rows. This will help to correctly calculate the density of mating, as well as the required number of loops.

The knitting process takes place as described above. To calculate the exact number of loops, measure the head circumference and multiply the number in centimeters by the number of loops in one centimeter of the web. The height without decrease will correspond to the length from the eyebrows to the top of the child's head minus 7-8 cm (decrease).

How to crochet a hat?

Hat crochet for adults and children fit in the same pattern. The only difference is the number of loops used in the knitting process. First you need to choose whether you want to knit an autumn or winter hat. For a warm winter hat it is recommended to choose woolen threads. The size of the yarn will depend on the size of the hook. You can find more useful information in our article & - How to crochet a hat. Below we consider the option of knitting hats for a child.

How to crochet a baby hat?

  1. Crochet hat begins with the top. First you need to make six air loops, closing them in a ring. Then you can proceed to the next row, while knitting two loops in each loop of the previous row. As a result, in each subsequent row, the number of loops will increase by six.
  2. After knitting seventy-two loops in the twelfth row, you should slightly change the order of knitting. In the next row, make seventy-two loops again. In the fourteenth row, add six and sew seventy-eight loops, and the fifteenth row make the same as the previous one. Next, tie in two rows with the same number of loops.
  3. In the process of tying from time to time, try on a hat on the head of the child. After reaching the desired width, stop adding loops and continue tying until you reach the desired volume.
  4. The last stage involves the decoration of the product. For beauty, you can sew to the cap ears or, for example, flowers.

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