How to maintain accounting SP?

Accounting, regardless of ownership, maintains accurate records of the financial activities of the enterprise, forms and reports to the necessary authorities. Accounting involves three types of accounting: "accounting" - for the maintenance of monetary, labor, material resources; “Managerial” - for the entrepreneur himself; "Tax" - to report to the state.

Accounting PI

The individual entrepreneur has the right to decide for himself how to properly maintain the IP accounting. Russian legislation does not establish procedures and rules for bookkeeping. Accounting for an individual entrepreneur needs to be maintained so that then you can use it all correctly so that:

  • clearly see the results of activities
  • plan further activities
  • control money, labor and material resources,
  • control obligations to customers and fulfill them on time
  • control the obligations of customers to the PI,
  • report to the tax inspectorate and other government agencies.

Accounting of an individual enterprise can be maintained independently or contact specialized companies.

IP Accounting in special firms

Service in a specialized accounting firm is, of course, a simple, but at the same time expensive way. However, in some cases, the benefit from the reliability of this method may significantly exceed the maintenance costs. The cost of servicing by special firms in IP accounting may vary, depending on the area of ​​work of an individual entrepreneur, the volume of accounting, and the appetites of a specialized company. Before contacting a specialized accounting company, you need to consider questions and suggestions:

  • cost of services,
  • reputation of an accounting company
  • convenience of interaction,
  • volume of service
  • risk insurance.

Independent bookkeeping

An individual enterprise that has a simple accounting, or if it is impossible to pay for the services of a specialized company, can independently conduct accounting for special programs, with the help of special services. How to keep accounting PI yourself? Nowadays, manual accounting is done by units, mainly using the following specialized programs:

  • The most famous accounting program for individual entrepreneurs is 1C Entrepreneur. This program is paid, but updates of all forms are free.
  • The most famous free program for individual entrepreneurs is Business Pack.
  • The free program of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation Taxpayer LE allows you to generate a report (without accounting).
  • The easy-to-learn maintenance of accounting and reporting for IP via the Internet is My Delo service.

All these programs will help to help you understand how to keep track of IP accounting.

The book of income and expenses

The individual entrepreneur is obliged to keep a book of income and expenses, which he must submit to the tax office for certification. This book is necessary to calculate the unified social tax, tax on personal income, etc. This book can be maintained manually, but it is better to do this in a special automated program or immediately keep this account in the 1C-Pre-Entrepreneur program.

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