How to influence people?

Each of us would like to be able to influence other people, because this ability is truly priceless. Knowing how to influence a person psychologically, one can achieve a lot in life. You can easily solve everyday issues that arise in everyday life, step up the career ladder, become an informal leader among friends and the most valuable employee at work, household members with dear soul will carry out all your errands prospects. To force a person to do what you need is possible in two ways - by explicit coercion or by manipulating his mind for his own purposes.

How to influence people by direct coercion

The methods of explicit coercion can be primarily attributed to threats, blackmail or a banal bribe. We often unconsciously resort to similar methods in communication with our loved ones or subordinates. Remember how often you said to a child: “If you don’t learn the lessons, you won’t play at the computer,” but this is a real blackmail.Yes, and bribing is not always a monetary bribe to an official, chocolate for the top five in the diary is also a kind of bribe. Such methods are too straightforward and do not always bring the expected result, although we must give them their due, sometimes they are very effective, especially when dealing with people who depend on you anyway.

How to influence the human psyche. Basic tricks

It is much more difficult to influence people who do not depend on you either materially or emotionally. And here, in order to achieve the desired, various manipulations are used in the course, allowing imperceptibly for the “victim” itself, to influence her making the necessary decision for you or helping to push her to perform the action you need. Moreover, it should be done in such a way that the “victim” of your psychological experiments was sure that she herself came to this thought and chose exactly how she should act.

First way

Psychologists claim that a person who once fulfilled your small request will continue to be more compliant, and it is likely that he will agree to do something more substantial for you in the future.This is explained by the fact that a person unwittingly begins to feel himself needed by another person and, at a subconscious level, considers himself morally obligated to be such in the future. In order for this technique to work, your first request must be easy for him, and, at the same time, you must make it clear that its implementation is vitally important. After it is fulfilled, we must sincerely and warmly thank the person, not forgetting to stress several times how you are obliged to him now - this will help consolidate success, because it has long been noticed that we are all more willing to fulfill the requests of those who owe us than those who are obliged to something themselves.

Second way

This method is the opposite of the first. Try asking for something much more than what you really expect. Having received a natural and well-expected failure, lower the bar and ask for what you really need. Most likely, you will get what you want, because to refuse the second time is somehow inconvenient - you can be considered a stingy and callous person, and the second request, compared to the first, already seems to be nothing.

Third way

Most often, this method is used by adolescents, communicating among themselves, but with skillful use, it can be effective for quite adult, independent people. If you want to achieve decisive action from a person, you can try to take it, which is called “weakly”. Provocative statements such as: “You are certainly not capable of doing this!” May motivate some people to act inappropriate for them.

Fourth way

You can pretend to be helpless "lamb" - defenseless, weak and inexperienced. People, by their nature, are pitiful beings, they will pity the “poor man” and will do his work for him. Another category of people thinks that it is easier for them to quickly and efficiently perform the necessary work than to mess around with the clumsy, explain everything to him several times, and then redo it all the same. Thus, a cunning manipulator by any means achieves his goal - either out of pity or from irritation, people still work for him. In addition, a person who pities you will involuntarily become more docile, so it is easier to persuade him to fulfill any of your requests.

Fifth way

Flattery affects a person almost irresistible, few people are able to resist it.A good compliment, praise of existing merits and attribution of nonexistent, approval of all words and deeds have a relaxing effect on a person and cause favor to you. Therefore, he has a desire to make you something pleasant, to make concessions and to fulfill your request. Flatter, too, must be able to. If you really want to flatter, do it subtly and unnoticed. Unrestrained rapid praise and irrepressible admiration - rough flattery, which is unlikely to help you achieve what you want, as a smart person will soon feel the catch in it.

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