How to increase hair

The beauty industry today offers a hugenumber of techniques that allow to correct mistakes that were once admitted by nature. If the lady does not have a fluffy head of hair, then she can simply grow her hair, which will allow her to make wonderful hairstyles, about which she so dreamed. Any woman in a moment will become a beauty if she has healthy well-groomed hair. If you are interested in the question of how to increase hair, then more will be told about this.

This procedure is performed insalons-hairdressing masters of high qualification. This method really saves the owners of liquid hair, and those who do not want to wait long until they grow back. It is built in cold or hot way. Between them is a huge difference, consisting in the temperature at which the new strands are fastened to the base. The hair you have is the basis. In salons usually offer several techniques: Italian, English, Spanish, as well as build-up on the technology of Ring Star. The most reliable and perfect is considered the Italian technique, which is carried out by the hot method. With this method, you can count on the fact that the strands will last about six months. When this period is over, they can be removed without problems, and then fixed new ones.

How to increase hair this way? It's all very simple. With the help of capsules with keratin, the hair strands are fixed to the roots of their own by means of heated tongs. This method of attachment is very strong, which will allow you to calmly comb your chic hair.

Another hot method is English. It involves fastening all the hair not to the roots, but to the tips with the help of a pistol. A small capsule forms in the place of gluing. The size and visibility of capsules depends entirely on the skill of the hairdresser, and the higher it is, the better the result. How to increase hair this way, it is clear, it is important to note that the master will take this procedure only if the length of your hair - at least six centimeters. Strands are usually fastened to the occipital and temporal parts of the head, and they will be held for three to four months.

How to build hair with Ring Star technology? There are used metal-ceramic rings, whose diameter is no more than three millimeters, with their help locks are fixed on the hair. This method is the most sparing, and four months later the rings can be easily removed. Since the fixtures are painted in different colors, the wizard can very quickly select the desired shade to make them invisible. This method is convenient because the build-up can be done even on a very short haircut, or on individual strands.

Growing Slavic hair is an important conditionthe most refined and natural kind of hairstyle. Many European and Russian women do not use hair dyes, do not resort to chemical perm. Thanks to this, the strands are very high quality and shine beautifully and naturally. Usually Slavic hair has a small diameter and a special structure, which allows them to perfectly merge with natural hair when growing.

The most progressive method at the momentis a micro-growth of hair. This method absorbed all the best that was inherent in all the rest. The result of such a procedure is getting a smart head of hair that does not differ from the natural one. This method is not only the most progressive, but also the most expensive, however, the result is really worth it.

Now you know about the most popular methods of hair extensions, it remains to find the best option for yourself depending on the needs and opportunities.

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