How to get to Optina desert?

Optina Pustyn - active male monastery, located two kilometers from the city of Kozelsk, Kaluga region. Founded by a repentant robber, the monastery is known to Orthodox believers who lived here before the elders. Detached from worldly vanity, the elders were a model of prudence, worldly wisdom and foresight. The stream of pilgrims seeking advice, comfort, spiritual and sometimes physical healing constantly went to them.

From the second half of the 80s of the 20th century, after the revival of monastic life in the monastery, pilgrims of the faithful again reached for this center of Russian Orthodoxy. How can I get to Optina Pustyn?

How to get to Optina Pustyn from Moscow by bus

If you want to get to the monastery by bus, you need to use the bus service Moscow - Kozelsk. Buses in this direction depart from the Teply Stan bus station, located near the metro station of the same name. During the day, twelve flights depart for Kozelsk. The first bus leaves at 7:00, the last - at 18:40.Interval between buses - 1.5 - 2 hours. Travel time - 4 - 5 hours. Approximate ticket price - 450 rubles.

From the station of arrival in Kozelsk to the monastery will be another 3 km. You can take a minibus (Kozelsk - Sosensky, get off at the turn to the monastery), and you can reach on foot (go along the road to Sosensky, cross the bridge over the Zhizdra river, turn left and continue on this road to the monastery itself).

How to get to Optina Pustyn by train

There is no railway to Kozelsk from Moscow. If you want to get to the monastery by train, you need to get on the electric train Moscow - Kaluga. Trains depart from Kiev railway station almost every hour. The train will arrive at Kaluga-1 station 2.5 - 3.5 hours after departure. Ticket price is about 330 rubles. The price of an express (which is 2.5 hours away) is 430 rubles.

Next, at the bus station in Kaluga, which is combined with the railway station, you need to buy a bus ticket to Kozelsk. Buses run every half hour, arrive at your destination for an hour.

How to get to Optina Pustyn monastery by car

Optina Pustyn is located 260 km south-east of Moscow. You can leave Moscow by the Kiev highway going to Kiev via Kaluga. You can also leave their capital on the Kaluga highway.But, despite the name, it does not lead to Kaluga, but connects the central regions of Russia with Belarus. To get to Optina Desert, you need to go from the Kaluga highway to the same Kievskoye near the city of Obninsk. You can go in the south on the federal highway M2 "Crimea". After reaching it to the Moscow Big Ring (A108), turn right and go to Kiev highway in the Obninsk area.

On the Kiev highway, before reaching Kaluga, the overpass will cross the road. This is a detour around Kaluga. We go to the overpass, pass all the signs to enter Kaluga and focus on the signs leading to Kozelsk. A turn to the left with a pointer to the Optina Desert will be a few kilometers short of Kozelsk.

Without traffic jams, the monastery can be reached by car in 4 hours.

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