How to get to Kislovodsk?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
January 24, 2015
How to get to Kislovodsk?

Kislovodsk is a city in the region of the Caucasian Mineral Waters eco-resort zone and one of the largest health resorts in Russia. The city has a unique climate and nature. This article will tell you how to get to Kislovodsk.

By train

Four trains run from Moscow to Kislovodsk - 004С, 144Ч, 181Ч and 049А with departures at 8:20, 14:18, 17:19 and 22:29, respectively. The 004C corporate train, it is called the Caucasus, boasts increased comfort, however, the ticket price will be higher.

The cheapest train is 049A (St. Petersburg-Kislovodsk), a ticket for a reserved seat will cost about 2,600 rubles. 144CH (Moscow-Kislovodsk) is slightly more expensive - 2,800 rubles. A ticket to a reserved seat for 181CH (Moscow-Kislovodsk) will be 3,300 rubles, and the price of a corporate reserved seat 004С (Moscow-Kislovodsk) will be 4,100 rubles.

Travel time: 004С - day and 1 hour, 144Ч - day and 6 hours, 181H - day and 14 hours, 049А - day and 11 hours. It turns out that it is most profitable to go by train 144С - the optimal combination of price and travel time.

The train schedule to Kislovodsk from other cities can be found.

By bus

Buses from Moscow to Kislovodsk depart from the Central Bus Station, Orekhovo Bus Station, Novoyasenevskaya Station and Krasnogvardeyskaya Metro Station. The ticket price is an average of 2100 rubles, it is cheaper than by train, but the train is much more comfortable, because it is very hard to sit in one place during the day.

By car

There is 1598 km from Moscow to Kislovodsk, the path is not close, of course, but if you go with the second driver, you can not get tired on the way and even save a little. 1598 km is 130 liters of gasoline or 4000 rubles in money equivalent, which means that a “ticket” will cost 2000 per person, and if you go by a company of 4 people, this generally turns out to be very profitable.

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