How to get to Hong Kong?

Julia Agafonova
Julia Agafonova
January 12, 2015
How to get to Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a special administrative region (and not a country) of the People’s Republic of China. To some extent, Hong Kong is a separate country. In fact, this district, and the island, and the city. The city of Hong Kong was built up to such an extent that Kowloon, which is usually depicted separately on the maps, united with him and makes up one city.

Now Hong Kong is one of the most developed financial centers in the world. If you want to know the location of the island, read the article Where is Hong Kong.

How to get to Hong Kong?

There are several ways to get to Hong Kong: by plane, train, ferry, bus, on foot and even by helicopter.

By plane

On the website you can book a ticket to Hong Kong or buy it at the airport. You make all the necessary documents - and fly. From Hong Kong International Airport Cheklapkok you can reach the city by taxi or bus.

By train

By train, you can reach mainland China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen), then take a train to Hong Kong and get to the island on it.From the train station you can also take a taxi.

By ferry

Since Hong Kong is an island, it can be reached by ferry. The ferry leaves from Macau, so you can fly there first, and from there go to Hong Kong.

By bus

Buses regularly, every twenty to thirty minutes, run from Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

On foot

There are several checkpoints in Shenzhen, where you can cross the border between mainland China and Hong Kong.

By helicopter

In Macau, every thirty minutes from the Maritimo terminals, a Sky Shuttle helicopter flies. It is, however, such pleasure is not cheap.

As you can see, there are many options for how to get to Hong Kong. If you do not have a goal to explore mainland China, then we recommend using a direct flight from the nearest city to Hong Kong.

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