How to get rid of oily skin?

Many women have naturally oily skin on their face. This shine does not look very attractive. In addition, this skin has large pores, a tendency to acne and acne. The thing is that the sebaceous glands work faster than necessary. They release too many oils. How to give your face a healthy beautiful color? How to narrow pores and prevent rashes to spoil their appearance? To answer all these questions, simply know how to get rid of oily skin.

Causes of oily skin:

  • Hormone levels
  • Heredity,
  • Pregnancy,
  • Diet,
  • Cosmetical tools,
  • Oral contraceptives,
  • Hot weather and humidity.

Oily skin is common in adolescents. The reason lies in hormonal changes. This type of skin is also found in people of all ages, but more often, the older a person is, the more dry his skin becomes.

Sebum levels change during menopause and during pregnancy. The hormonal balance is disturbed, and the activity of the sebaceous glands increases.

There are cases when a person has two types of skin at the same time. That is, on one part of the face it is normal or dry, and on the other - oily. This is a combination skin.

Oily skin also has an advantage - it ages much later than any other kind of skin.

How to care for oily skin

  • Do not use heavy products. They take the oils they need from the skin, and it starts to peel off. This provokes acute seborrhea - the sebaceous glands begin to double the activity so that the loss of natural oils can be compensated.
  • Do not use cosmetics that dehydrate and tighten your skin. It will dry you top layer and change the normal circulation of skin oils through the pores. This will cause a rash.
  • How to remove oily skin? Use only those cosmetics that are made on the basis of oils. They are well cleaned sebum. On the contrary, buy moisturizing products without oils, otherwise you will not be able to get rid of the oily sheen.
  • Wash at least 2 times a day. Cleanse the skin, but do not overdo it, so as not to cause the appearance of more oils.

How to treat oily skin: cleansers

  • Do not use heavy creamy cleansers.
  • Wash clean soap, which is not part of the additives.
  • Do not wash hard soap.
  • Try cleansing antibacterial lotion. You can soap on the basis of medicinal substances.
  • Replace the water from the tap, the water enriched with minerals.
  • Ensure that there is no alcohol in the cosmetics for washing.
  • After each cleansing, apply a moisturizing natural product that does not contain oils. So your skin will remain soft.
  • Wash with hot water to dissolve sebum.

How to deal with oily skin: folk methods

  • To close the pores. Mix cucumber juice and cosmetic clay in equal proportions. Apply the mixture on your face 30 minutes before taking a bath or shower. You can add a couple of drops of cologne to the mixture to close the pores and prevent a strong release of fat.
  • To avoid problems with makeup. Before you apply makeup, wipe cucumber juice most fatty areas of the face. Wait for the juice to dry. And you can apply decorative cosmetics.
  • To avoid dark spots. If after you apply cosmetics, you have dark spots on your skin, you need a decoction of calendula and lemon juice. Mix them in equal proportion.Apply to the skin and after drying proceed to make-up.
  • To remove fat from the face. Make mud and clay masks. Take 1 tea. lie honey and mix it with 1 tea. lie clay Apply the mixture to your face. Avoid the area around the eyes. After 15 minutes, wash your face thoroughly with warm water. Repeat the procedure 3 times a week and get a good result.

Nutrition for oily skin

  • Your diet should contain more protein, less sugar, salt and drinks.
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits and green vegetables.
  • Take iron, vitamins and trace elements.
  • Make sure that your body does not have a deficiency of B2 - vitamin, the absence of which provokes oily skin. Include wheat germ, organic meats, yeast, nuts, beans and unprocessed grains in the diet
  • Limit the use of smoked, salted, pickled, fried and spicy dishes.
  • Use more cereals and natural juices.
  • From toxins and oily skin will save a lot of water.
  • Avoid animal fats that have been heat-treated during their production or when cooking.

Cosmetic tips

  • While cleansing the face, massage your skin well with your fingertips. Climb up and down. Never rub soap into the skin so as not to clog the pores.
  • If the skin begins to peel off, use a peeling with deep cleansing. Apply it every other day. After it, spread your face with a thin layer of moisturizer.
  • Use clay masks. If your skin is very sensitive, it is better to buy pink or white clay.
  • Sometimes in the evening, apply a night cream antiseptic on your face and a cleansing mask 2 times a week.
  • Choose special products designed for oily skin.
  • Before you apply makeup, use day cream antiseptic, which is composed of the active ingredients. They will reduce the secretion of the sebaceous glands. Ensure that benzene peroxide is among the active ingredients.

Watch your appearance.

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