How to fix the keyboard?

Everyone knows that the keyboard is a very important peripheral element of a personal computer, laptop, phone. Without this thing, it is impossible to imagine a robot at a computer, because how to enter information without keys? It's impossible. When the keyboard fails, and there is no spare at hand and ask for a certain one, then you need to repair the device yourself. This is not difficult to do, but you need to be careful. Before you repair the keyboard yourself, you need to know the main causes of this device malfunction:

  • Sometimes the keyboard does not listen to you. By pressing one of the buttons, you get a completely different letter or symbol. Here the reason lies, so to speak, "on the surface." Perhaps the key "fuse", which gives such a result. Quite often this happens with the Ctrl, Enter, Space keys.
  • Also, sometimes the keyboard settings in the BIOS can be lost and it seemed to work yesterday, and today it is “silent”. In this case, go to the BIOS and check the settings.
  • If the whole sector of keys does not work on your keyboard, it means that you have problems with the cable. See if the cable is tightly inserted into the keyboard, if there is a connection.

Next, we will tell you how to fix the keyboard in two cases: when it is a stationary computer keyboard and a laptop keyboard. Consider this all in the instructions, step by step. Let's start with a stationary keyboard.

  • If you notice that your keyboard does not work well or you simply flooded it with, for example, tea, do not hesitate, but immediately disconnect the device from the computer in order to leave chances to repair the keyboard and not to burn. Next you have to disassemble it, for this you need only a screwdriver.
  • Having unscrewed all the screws under the keyboard, remove the cover, under it you will see a film on which the created magnetic tracks, and under this film are the keys themselves. Look: whether or not mechanical damage, or traces of electrical contact. If not, wipe the buttons that do not work for you alcohol-based liquid. And turn it on, it should earn, otherwise you need to acquire a new one or if you have the necessary skills with the restoration of magnetic tracks and circuit boards, then you can reanimate this device.

Now we will tell about how to fix the keyboard on the laptop if you filled it with liquid:

  • First turn off your laptop, disconnect the battery.
  • Remove the keyboard, again inspect it for damage, see if the liquid has passed further into the laptop.
  • Wash the keyboard you carefully removed with a large amount of liquid. But do not use any detergent (may damage the track). After that, you need to dry it, better with a fan or a hairdryer, but without using heating. Get no moisture on the device.
  • If the keyboard still does not work, then you need to restore the current paths with a special varnish, which can be found in any computer shop. After that, you need to completely disassemble the keyboard and find the damaged tracks and connect them to the broken sections. After this manipulation dry the keyboard, carefully put in place and check its performance.

Now you know how to fix the keyboard at home. But this process can take you a decent time.

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