How to drink protein correctly

Many of you have probably heard that there are several types of protein. Nevertheless, not everyone is aware of the differences between them, although for athletes such information should be a priority. How to drink protein? When? How many? Find answers to all these questions in our article.

how to drink protein

Whey Protein

It is one of the best types of protein found in many supplements sold in sports stores. Those athletes who cannot eat the recommended rate of protein per day can safely buy colorful jars from world manufacturers. It is worth noting that the protein is quite expensive, because for 1 kg sometimes it is necessary to give 1200-1500 rubles. This type of protein has a very high rate of digestibility by the body, and therefore the ideal intake time will be the first 15-30 minutes after a workout and the morning when the body needs protein food to eliminate muscle fiber catabolism. At night, it is better not to drink it. Why? We will tell about it a bit later.

How to drink whey protein? Take a shaker, pour 250-300 ml of water or milk there (if you are on the "drying", then you need to drink only with water).After that, you need to pour into it 1 scoop of protein (usually 30-35 grams), then shake and drink. Remember also that today they produce products with a wide range of taste (chocolate, vanilla, banana, strawberry, etc.), and therefore it is not only healthy to drink protein shakes, but also tasty.

how to drink protein

Casein protein

If you are looking for a protein that will act for a long time, feeding your muscles, then casein is exactly what you need. This type of protein is released in the body for 5-7 hours, which is why it is ideal for a night reception in order to support the anabolic reactions in your body. Another positive element of this type of protein is that it has a fairly high content of glutamine, which helps stimulate the immune system and speeds up recovery.

how to drink proteinHow to drink casein protein sample? As we have said, the preferred time of admission is night. It is advisable to make yourself a cocktail for 5-10 minutes before bedtime. As in whey, the desired portion of casein is 30-35 grams, diluted in water or juice. As for the latter, it is desirable to exclude it during the "drying".Before or after training, casein intake will be ineffective due to long-term digestibility. Finally, you can take it at lunch to provide the body with nutrients for the whole day.

Whey Isolate

Isolates are one of the most rapidly digestible types of protein. In this regard, they set a fairly high price, which is inaccessible to many people (up to 2,000 rubles for 900 grams). Nevertheless, the isolate is extremely effective after a workout, when the body needs to close the so-called protein window. This protein is also ideal for those people who follow a low-carbohydrate diet, as the carbohydrate content in it is extremely low (5-10%). It is also easier absorbed by the digestive system, which is why you will rarely have any ailments (if at all). How to drink this type of protein? Its reception coincides with the usual whey: after exercise and in the morning, which will ensure maximum recovery and growth.

Soy protein

It is not high enough among bodybuilders, although it is a fairly good source of protein for people looking for alternatives to meat products.Today, many branded manufacturers produce soy protein with a large number of nutrients to maximize customer satisfaction. First of all, it is saturated with glutamine (to help with muscle recovery), arginine (promotes expansion of blood vessels, so that all the food consumed by you gets to the muscles faster) and BCAA (prevents the effect of catabolism). In addition, soy protein supports a healthy cholesterol profile, which is achieved by the isoflavones contained in the product. Finally, this type of protein speeds up the metabolism, which helps in fat loss. This type of protein can be used both before and after training, as well as at any other time during the day, if necessary. It is not suitable for use at night.

Soy protein has a huge number of benefits. But why is he not popular with bodybuilders and other athletes? Everything is very simple: it has a very low biological value compared to whey protein, and plus to this it is often poorly absorbed by the body of some athletes.It makes no sense to compare it with casein, as it has a completely different function (slow feeding of the body). How to drink soy protein? If you still decide to buy it, then you can drink it 1-2 hours before your workout because of the average release. After also possible, but the effect will be low.

how to drink whey protein

Egg Protein

In fact, it is one of the best types of protein available on the market today. Why? Firstly, it has a balanced amino acid composition. Secondly, the minimum fat content, which is very important for any bodybuilder. Finally, it is much easier to drink a cocktail than to eat 6-7 eggs, also throwing out a part of the yolks. But why very few companies release it? The answer is simple - the price. Over 900 grams of a quality product will have to pay 2100-2500 rubles, which, you see, is very expensive. Nevertheless, for those people who are not cramped in the media, egg protein is a godsend. How best to drink this type of protein? It can be used before or after exercise, diluting a measuring spoon of the product in water, juice or milk. At night, it is better not to to drink protein to lose weight

Bulk Protein

Those people who have financial difficulties and cannot afford branded protein have the opportunity to buy weight, which is several times cheaper.What's the Difference? First, the defective amino acid composition. Secondly, the absence of any flavorings that would make it enjoyable. Thirdly, a fairly high fat content (about 10 g per 100 g of product). Of course, weighed out protein (whey protein concentrate) will not give you such results as a product from a sports shop, but it will still be able to maintain shape and nourish the muscles. As for the price, it ranges from 350 to 500 rubles per kilogram. How to drink protein, bought by weight? In principle, the rules are the same as for other species. Nevertheless, it is better to buy, for example, cocoa powder, in order to slightly improve the taste of the product, stirring it directly in a shaker (1 scoop of protein and 2 teaspoons of cocoa).

Reception of a protein on "drying"

If you decide to try a low-carb diet, you need to know a few basic rules:

  1. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates. And fast, completely removed from the diet.
  2. Replace carbohydrates with plenty of protein (meat, fish, dairy products, protein shakes). How to drink protein to lose weight? In order to reduce weight, you need to eat 1 g of carbohydrates per kg of body weight and 2-2.5 g of protein per kg of body weight per day. Count in any known way your amount of nutrients used.Most likely, there will be a deficiency in protein. In 1 scoop (30 g), there are about 24 g of protein. First, drink 1 cocktail immediately after waking up. Secondly, do another after strength training. Third, drink it before bedtime. As a result, for 3 doses you should get about 70-75 grams of pure protein, which will greatly facilitate the maintenance of your diet during weight loss. Well, as you need to drink protein on the "drying", you think we understand.
  3. Once every 5-6 days, increase the intake of carbohydrates (necessarily slow) to the usual level in order to fight the slowdown of metabolism.

how best to drink protein


So, as you understand, there are many different protein options available on the market today. We think that after reading this article, you decide for yourself which protein is better. Of course, without compliance with the regime, proper nutrition and regular workouts, protein will not help you.

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