How to draw Lamborghini?

Elina Huzina
Elina Huzina
March 15, 2013
How to draw Lamborghini?

Those who are interested in cars, can try to portray the model of interest on their own. By following our instructions step by step, gradually you will learn how to draw Lamborghini with a pencil.

  • Step 1. Start drawing by shaping your Lamborghini silhouette. At this stage, draw the bottom of the flat.
  • Step 2. Now, using the finished form, which we have identified in the first stage, find out how to draw Lamborghini. Let's start drawing the contours of the car as shown in the example. Pay attention to the aerodynamic shape of the front of the car. It allows you to reach maximum speed. Do not forget to determine the place where the wheels will be located.
  • Step 3. Ok, now let's start drawing windows on the passenger side, and then the front glass. Draw the front bumper line, and then move on to the fourth step.
  • Step 4. Now it's time to draw the oblong headlights, clarify the shape of the hood facing or trim, and then draw the lower part of the body.Take your time, and you will succeed perfectly!
  • Step 5. Now draw the bottom of the car in front. Copy the sample vents on the sides of the front bumper. Try to transfer all the details as accurately as possible. Do not forget the wipers.
  • Step 6. Well, now almost everything! Now you have to draw the details of the side passenger door. Then, do not forget to depict the side mirrors in your drawing. Draw a spoiler over the rear hood, as shown in the figure. Add the latest nuances, remove unnecessary touches.
  • Step 7. Now you can go ahead and draw tires and wheels. Take your time, this is a difficult moment, because there are so many details. The time has come when it is necessary to remove with the help of an eraser all the extra and auxiliary lines that we have previously drawn.
  • Step 8. Now we really have a complete drawing. Keep painting, paint the car in your favorite color. Let's hope that now it became clear to you how to draw a Lamborghini car.

How to draw lamborghini

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