How to draw Barboskin?

Every child at least once saw the Russiancartoon about a big friendly family of Barboskins. For the young spectators, the fashionable Rose, the responsible Lisa, the clever Gena, the mobile Druzhok, the little and kind Kid, fell in love for a long time. Of course, they would like to depict funny characters on paper. In the article, we will consider how to draw the Barboskin step by step. It's not so difficult to do, the main thing is to study characters and observe the basic rules of drawing.

How to draw a Rose from Barboskin

Many girls really like the appearance and character of Rosa's older sister. In order to draw Rosa Barboskina, you need a sheet of paper and a pencil.

  1. We depict a framework that will be the basis for the following actions: draw a circle for the head, a line for the neck, a trapezoid body, lines,BARBOSKINSindicating the position of the legs and hands.
  2. We depict the face: big eyes, long eyelashes, characteristic dog's nose, wide smile. Do not forget about the eyebrows.
  3. Draw a trunk, or rather, clothes - a jacket and a short skirt.
  4. We represent the hands and feet with shoes. The rose is wearing sneakers.
  5. It remains to draw the hair, taken in two tall long tail, and the rim.
  6. In the end, we erase unnecessary lines and color the character.

How to draw Lisa from Barboskin

Next to Rosa, you can try to portray her red-eyed little sister Lisa. As with any drawing of Barboskin in pencil, the image of Lisa begins with sketches.

  1. We perform the skeleton in the same way as when drawing Roses, but the growth will be less,Barboskinsneck longer, head longer, legs shorter.
  2. We depict the face - big eyes, short eyelashes, wide nose, big smile. The head goes into the thick neck.
  3. We work on a body - a jacket, a sarafan, hands, feet. On the feet will be small shoes.
  4. We add a hairdress - two ponytails, a bang and "a fountain" on the vertex.
  5. Colorize Lisa in red tones.

We learned how to draw Barbosky girls. Now let's try to depict the boys.

How to draw a Baby from Barboskin

Let us dwell on Kid - the most charming and lovable member of the family. We apply the basic principles of drawing Barboskins, that is, we first need a schematic image.

  1. For the head draw a large circle, it has rounded triangles forBarboskinsears, neck and a small circle for the body.
  2. We finish the rectangles with the body, hands and feet.
  3. We will stop on the face, having represented the average size of an eye, thin brows, a nose and a smiling mouth.
  4. Draw a jumpsuit with a large front pocket, shoes and a small tail. It remains to add colors.

Similarly, you can try drawing a Druzhka from the Barboskin - he will have a more extended muzzle, a large black nose, a bang and a spot around his right eye.

More useful information for artists and amateurs of drawing can be found in the Drawing section.

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