How to draw a wolf?

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How to draw a wolf?

Today I will tell you how to draw a wolf in stages. So, let's begin:

  1. First, we need to draw three circles, which will later become the head, body and back of the wolf respectively.
  2. Next, or the second step, we need to designatethe future body and the face of the wolf, in other words, simply connect our circles with lines that will give a shape similar to the trunk, then they can be corrected, we draw the wolf after all in pencil. Also we should mark on the muzzle with two lines the level of the eyes and the muzzle itself. Here you can and dream up: you can, changing only these two parameters, draw your wolf completely different emotions on the face, also slightly changing the mouth, you can easily draw a howling wolf.
  3. The third step. Now we will detail our wolf. Let's start with the top circle. Again, on top and draw, to start the ears, then go to the mouth. If our wolf does not howl, then we simply designate with a small circle the border of the upper part of his nose and mouth, then we will detail all this.
  4. On the second circle we designate the beginning forfront paws. Again, draw small circles. There is no need to be afraid to overdo it, we can always erase unnecessary or incorrectly drawn details with an eraser, the benefit of a pencil allows us to do this almost endlessly.
  5. On the third and last circle we also designate our paw for the hero, but not circles, but ovals. Also, do not be afraid to remove lines that interfere with you.
  6. We begin to draw a nose, mouth, and, if you want to get an answer to the question how to draw a howling wolf, then just more detail this element.
  7. Then we start to set the shape for future paws. Here we use various geometric figures: cylinders, quadrangles, and also it is possible to show with an accurate line how the tail of our wolf will go. Again, do not be afraid to erase the pencil if necessary, and do not be afraid to experiment at all, for it is your creativity and experience that you need to be recruited constantly and even if you are not doing very well, do not give up, but bring it to the end.
  8. Now we will further detail ouranimal. Drawing ears, eyes, draw a muzzle, neck. Since we started drawing the paws relatively recently, we can make sure for the last time that all the proportions suit you and continue working. Draw the paws more detailed, remove the pencil, if necessary.
  9. Draw the tail. In wolves, the tails are more or less bushy, so do not deprive our animal of a thin cat's tail.
  10. The final stage of our lesson will bethe final detail of the picture. When you want to get an answer to the question how to draw a wolf in stages, you need to understand that it's much easier to draw in stages, because it is not difficult for you to delete some lines, and this you will have to do, for you, somehow, created a lot auxiliary circles and extra lines. We remove them, so we make our wolf a wolf, not a set of lines and circles, we finish the ears, if necessary, draw the jaws, if the wolf howls, then draw the teeth in his mouth, add the wool with neat strokes of the pencil or just tint our drawing.

However, if you want to draw, say, a wolf"Wait for it!". The previous steps will help us, of course, but in this figure we need to change some of the details of our wolf. For example, the first circles should be located one under the other, we draw, practically, a person, except that it's more comic and with a big head. We start absolutely, well, the authors of "Well, wait!" gave us the opportunity to fantasize. Remember only how many different situations the hero got.

So, in order to draw a wolf from "Well, wait!", We need to figure out how it will stand, maybe it should be painted exactly the same as the previous one.

Thus, it will be much easier for us to draw a wolf from a cartoon.

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