How to draw the moon?

Julia Chmykhalo
Julia Chmykhalo
March 13, 2013
How to draw the moon?

To create an original image of nature, it is always necessary to draw every object with particular care: mountains, clouds, the sun, the moon. Celestial bodies require special care. You need to make a lot of effort to make them as natural as possible and to be able to revive them. For this you need to learn how to draw the moon in stages.

Draw contours

First of all, the outlines of objects should be clearly drawn. They should be similar to the original. For this it is worth looking at the moon. You will see that it represents the shape of the most ordinary circle. If you need to draw a month, in this case, the shape will look like a sickle, a segment of a circle or an arc. If you want to draw a moon in the full moon, then you should draw a circle, small in size. You can also try to repeat exactly the shape of the moon, which stands before your eyes. In order to portray the shape of the moon, you can use not only the natural image, but also its illustration. Find it easy enough.You can use the special literature or search for a beautiful picture on the Internet. If the moon, according to your idea, should have a clear, even shape, then you can use a coin or a bottle cork to draw it. If you need a large format of its image, it is worth using a compass.

Color the moon

For those who do not know how to draw the moon with a pencil, it is necessary to remember about drawing its color. It is worth noting that it is better not to paint the moon in dark colors, since it will merge with the sky and become inconspicuous. It is best to first color the circle with yellow color, and then add an orange color to it with a second layer. In addition, to make the moon more natural, you should draw gray spots on it.

Making the drawing more effective

Do not forget that the shade of the moon always changes depending on the time of day and the degree of sunlight falling on it. Therefore, if you want to portray the moon in windy, cool weather, you should add a bit of pink or red to its shade. After the moon has acquired the necessary color for your idea, it is necessary to give it even greater showiness.This can be achieved with the help of color contrast. In order to make your moon brighter, you can circle it in a circle with a pale pencil. You should pay special attention to the drawing of craters, which are indentations. If you do not have enough imagination to independently invent their images in the form of some similarities of low cylinders, you can draw them from the picture. See a lot of pictures of pictures with the moon, and you will no longer have a question about how to draw the moon.

How to draw a moon

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